Microalloying for New Steel Processes and Applications

Volumes 500-501

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.500-501

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Authors: Daniel Acevedo Reyes, Michel Perez, Stéphane Pecoraro, Alain Vincent, Thierry Epicier, Pierre Dierickx

Abstract: High performance commercial micro alloyed steels contain elements such as vanadium, which leads to a fine dispersion of vanadium carbide...

Authors: David San Martín, Francisca García Caballero, Carlos Capdevila, Carlos García de Andrés

Abstract: Austenite grain growth in microalloyed steels is governed by the coarsening of fine precipitates present at grain boundaries below the...

Authors: Katsunari Oikawa, Hajime Mitsui, Kiyohito Ishida

Abstract: A database for thermodynamic information of sulfides and carbo-sulfide in steels has been developed, where the thermodynamic properties of...

Authors: J. Aldazabal, Carlos García-Mateo

Abstract: From a “macroscopic” point of view, steel composition is assumed to vary smoothly along its microstructure. A closer look reveals that, on...

Authors: M.J. Balart, Claire L. Davis, Martin Strangwood, J.F. Knott

Abstract: The effects of matrix microstructure and features of non-metallic inclusion (morphology, type, volume fraction and size) on cleavage...

Authors: A.M. Elwazri, Steve Yue

Abstract: The relationship between mechanical properties and pearlite microstructure was investigated using various heat treatments on a...

Authors: Andrew Wallace, Allan Brownrigg, Peter D. Hodgson, Leo Frawley, Warwick Heath

Abstract: The high level of residual nitrogen in Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steels is one of the major factors influencing the performance of the...

Authors: Julie Mougin, Pierre Dierickx, Daniel Robat, Jaime Rofes Vernis

Abstract: The tensile strength levels required for spring and gear applications are far higher than those commonly associated with other uses of...

Authors: L. Mendizabal, Amaia Iza-Mendia, Beatriz López, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe

Abstract: This paper analyses the application of vanadium microaddition for the production of high strength 16mm diameter wire-rods. Laboratory...

Authors: P. Álvarez, C. Lesch, Wolfgang Bleck, Hélène Petitgand, Joachim Schöttler, J. Gil Sevillano

Abstract: A novel thermal treatment, rapid transformation annealing (RTA), has been applied to six different cold rolled low-carbon (LC) steel sheets...


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