Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation

Volumes 503-504

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: I. Mazurina, Alexandre Goloborodko, Rustam Kaibyshev, Hiromi Miura, Taku Sakai

Abstract: Microstructural evolution during equal channel angular extrusion (ECAE) was investigated in a coarse-grained dilute aluminum alloy, Al-3%Cu,...

Authors: Stefano Amadori, Luca Pasquini, Ennio Bonetti, Marcello Cabibbo, C. Scalabroni, E. Evangelista

Abstract: Mechanical spectroscopy was employed to investigate the microstructure evolution of a Zr-modified 6082 Al-Mg-Si alloy and the same alloy...

Authors: Marcello Cabibbo, E. Evangelista, C. Scalabroni, Ennio Bonetti

Abstract: The microstructural evolution with strain was investigated either in a Zr-modified 6082 Al-Mg-Si alloy and in the same alloy added with...

Authors: Stijn Poortmans, Bert Verlinden

Abstract: The mechanical properties of fine-grained Aluminium AA1050 produced by ECAP at room temperature, have been investigated under various...

Authors: Yuriy Perlovich, Margarita Isaenkova, Vladimir Fesenko, M. Grekhov, Igor V. Alexandrov, Irene J. Beyerlein

Abstract: New data on structure and texture features of Cu and Ti rods, subjected to ECAP at 20oC and 400oC respectively, were obtained by means of...

Authors: Yuriy Perlovich, Margarita Isaenkova, Vladimir Fesenko, M. Grekhov, Seng Ho Yu, Sun Keun Hwang, Dong Hyuk Shin

Abstract: A detailed X-ray study of Zr rods, subjected to ECAP at 350oC by routes C and BC, was conducted by the new X-ray method of Generalized Pole...

Authors: Yongjun Chen, Qu Dong Wang, Jianguo Peng, Chun Quan Zhai

Abstract: Experiments were conducted both to evaluate the potential for grain refinement, the subsequent mechanical properties at room temperature in...

Authors: Núria Llorca-Isern, P.A. Gonzalez, C.J. Luis-Pérez, I. Laborde

Abstract: The enhanced mechanical properties of crystalline materials are linked to very small grain sizes. The AA8090 is a commercial aluminium...

Authors: Ai Dang Shan, Jong Woo Park, In Ge Moon

Abstract: In this paper indirect ECA drawing method was supposed to be feasible for application. This method will ensure same deformation degree as...

Authors: Branislav Hadzima, Miloš Janeček, Ralph Jörg Hellmig, Yulia Kutnyakova, Yuri Estrin

Abstract: Microstructure evolution and corrosion behaviour of ultrafine-grained copper processed by equal channel angular pressing (route Bc) were...


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