Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation

Volumes 503-504

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuichi Miyahara, N. Emi, Koji Neishi, Katsuaki Nakamura, Kenji Kaneko, Michihiko Nakagaki, Z. Horita

Abstract: Grain refinement is attempted using severe plastic deformation (SPD) through the severe torsion straining process (STSP) which we have...

Authors: Koji Neishi, Akihiko Higashino, Yuichi Miyahara, Katsuaki Nakamura, Kenji Kaneko, Michihiko Nakagaki, Z. Horita

Abstract: Severe plastic deformation (SPD) makes it possible to refine grain size in many metallic materials. Recently, we have developed a new SPD...

Authors: L.L. Rokhlin, Sergey V. Dobatkin, Tatiana V. Dobatkina, N.I. Nikitina, Mikhail V. Popov

Abstract: In this work severe plastic deformation (SPD) was applied to magnesium base alloys of the Mg-Sm system (2.8-5.5 mass %Sm). These alloys are...

Authors: Satoshi Hashimoto, T. Suzuki, Alexei Vinogradov

Abstract: Strengthening is a complex process involving such basic mechanisms as dislocation accumulation (work hardening), Hall-Petch hardening due to...

Authors: Alexei Vinogradov, T. Suzuki, Satoshi Hashimoto, Kazuo Kitagawa, A.A. Kuznetsov, Sergey V. Dobatkin

Abstract: The present work is aimed at linking the microstuctutral features obtained after severe plastic deformation via ECAP to the tensile behavior...

Authors: Pablo Rodriguez-Calvillo, Ana Carmen C. Reis, Leo Kestens, Yvan Houbaert

Abstract: An Fe-2%Si alloy, which was designed for electromagnetic applications was submitted to a series of plane strain compression (PSC) tests with...

Authors: Evgeny V. Naydenkin, E.F. Dudarev, Yu.R. Kolobov, G.P. Bakach, Terence G. Langdon

Abstract: The effect of equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) on the structure-phase state and superplasticity development was investigated using the...

Authors: Naoshi Yamaki, Yoshiteru Aoyagi, Kazuyuki Shizawa

Abstract: A self-organization model for repartition of dislocation cell structures and transition of subgrains on a three-stage hardening of single...

Authors: Viktor Varyukhin, B. Efros, V. Ivchenko, N. Efros, E. Popova

Abstract: It has been revealed that in Iridium influenced be severe plastic deformation (SPD) a ultrafine grained (UFG) structure is formed (the grain...

Authors: Nguyen Q. Chinh, György Vörös, Péter Szommer, Z. Horita, Terence G. Langdon

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