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Authors: Yeong Maw Hwang, Chi Yu Wu, Ging Ian Shin
Abstract:In this study, elastic buckling criteria for die fins during extrusion of complex-shaped parts are analytically derived. In this analytical...
Authors: Yi Chih Hsieh
Abstract:A structured light pattern can be used to acquire the range data of an object from a single camera for 3-D imaging systems and it can be used...
Authors: Ming Horng Su, Hung Chang Chen
Abstract:This paper studies the phase transitions of Cu and Ni alloys as they cool from melting temperature to room temperature under high-pressure...
Authors: Tzung Han Lin
Abstract:In this paper, a method for determining the approximated minimum-bounding box is presented. This method can only be used in the model that...
Authors: Chin Ru Su, Cha'o Kuang Chen
Abstract:The contour of a two dimensional plate with a rectangular cavity was predicted by the linear least-squares error method. In the analysis...
Authors: Min Jou, Han Wei Zhang
Abstract:Manufacturing engineering education is science & technology based subjects that are traditionally the hardest to teach online because of the...
Authors: Kai Ying Chen
Abstract:Manufacturing execution system (MES) is a computer application system that integrates all relevant real-time information along every step in...
Authors: Chung Hsien Kuo, M.D. Jeng, J.J. Wing, Tai Hong Wang
Abstract:The surface mounting of electronic component is the major manufacturing technology for the electronic products in the last decade. The...
Authors: Da Yin Liao
Abstract:During design and implementation of the automatic materials handling system (AMHS) for a local 300mm semiconductor wafer fab (semiconductor...
Authors: Yuan Lin Wen, M.D. Jeng, Yi Sheng Huang
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