Progress on Advanced Manufacture for Micro/Nano Technology 2005

Volumes 505-507

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Sheng Huang, Ta Hsiang Chung, Yuan Lin Wen

Abstract: This paper demonstrates how to design and implement the emulators for a real-world automated manufacturing system (AMS). In order to...

Authors: Chuan Yu Chang, Chia Wei Chang

Abstract: The wafer defect inspection is an important process before die packaging. The defective regions were usually identified through visual...

Authors: Run Qing Huang, Li Feng Xi, C.Richard Liu, Jay Lee

Abstract: This paper deals with a new scheme for prognostics of ball bearing based on Self-Organizing Map (SOM), back propagation neural-network and...

Authors: Yun Hua Li, Li Man Yang, Gui Lin Yang

Abstract: A large-scale elevating transporter that has multi-wheels to be steered independently is a very complex mechatronic system. Aiming at its...

Authors: Shao Ping Wang, Jian Shi

Abstract: Life testing is an important technique to assess the reliability and lifetime of components with long life and high reliability. To some...

Authors: Zong Xia Jiao, Xiao Dong Wang, Guo Ping Huang

Abstract: A CAD/CAM idea with its relation model including the analyses of braid process, yarns internal geometry and mechanical properties is...

Authors: Gui Lin Yang, Yun Hua Li

Abstract: This paper is focused on the performance analysis of a newly developed 6-DOF Parallel-Kinematics Machine (PKM). The design related analysis...

Authors: C.C. Peng, Chieh Li Chen

Abstract: The main difficulties in dealing with extremely high speed precision contouring control are system uncertainties and external disturbances,...

Authors: Chieh Li Chen, Kevin S. Li

Abstract: In this paper, a new design of three degrees-of-freedom (DOF) plane motion system actuated by electromagnetic forces is proposed and...

Authors: Jing Chung Shen, Huann Keng Chiang, Wen Yuh Jywe

Abstract: This paper presents PID tuning rules for first-order plus integrator systems. These tuning rules are derived by optimizing the integrated...


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