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Authors: Sung Soo Rhim, Soon Geul Lee
Abstract:An automatic pipe cutting/welding robot with a magnetic binder, which is named APCROM, is developed and its tracking control is studied in...
Authors: Yunn Shiuan Liao, Wen Yang Peng
Abstract:The gap control problem in hole-machining of Pyrex® wafer by electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) to obtain a smooth quality and...
Authors: S.Y. Chen, Shin Chieh Lin, Hong Ho Cheng
Abstract:In this study, experiments were conducted to reveal effects of polishing parameters on surface characteristics and removal rate when...
Authors: Pei Lum Tso, Bo Huei Yan, Chan Hsing Lo
Abstract:Presently, the loose abrasive wire saw is the most commonly used technique for slicing hard and brittle materials. However its productivity...
Authors: Hong Ho Cheng, C.C. Chen
Abstract:Diamond has been well recognized a strategic engineering material. It possesses excellent physical and chemical properties including the...
Authors: Hong Ho Cheng, S.Y. Lin, W.T. Lei
Authors: Muh Ron Wang, Pin Jen Chen, Je Rei Yang, Jin Shen Chiu, Tien Chu Lin, Teng Sun Lai
Abstract:This paper describes the performance of an atomizer coupled with a substrate which produces metal powder and spray forming materials...
Authors: Chen Hsieh, Ji-Lung Lin, Jen Chiou Huang, Chih Hong Chen
Abstract:Ultra high precision positioning is an important issue in modern manufacturing industries. As it comes to positioning it is widely believed...
Authors: Tzong Shyng Leu, Chi Hsiung Teng
Abstract:This paper described design, fabrication and study of micro electrospray chips. The micro electrospray chips are fabricated by using...
Authors: Wei Hsiang Lai, Chun I Cheng, Mon U. Huang, Hsiu Ming Chang
Abstract:Generally, rapid prototype system, it bases on the operation principle to process layer by layer, and has several kinds of hardware already....
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