Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dorte Juul Jensen

Abstract: By 3 dimensional X-ray diffraction (3DXRD) using high energy X-rays from synchrotron sources it is possible to study in-situ the nucleation...

Authors: Katsura Kajihara, Kazuhide Matsumoto, Katsushi Matsumoto

Abstract: This study presents in situ observations of recrystallization texture formation in Al-3mass%Mg using SEM concurrent with electron back...

Authors: Alex Cho, Z. Long, B. Lisagor, T. Bales, Marcia S. Domack, John A. Wagner

Abstract: For 2195-T8 plate, design properties are based on the mechanical properties at the near surface location, corresponding to the load...

Authors: Hans Erik Ekström, O.V. Mishin, Lars Östensson, Joacim Hagström

Abstract: The softening behaviour during annealing was investigated in cold and hot rolled AA3103 alloys after different heat treatments. It was...

Authors: Julian H. Driver, Claire Maurice, F. Barou, Arnaud Lens

Abstract: This paper described new characterization methods and data to quantify the influence of solute atoms on grain boundary and sub-grain...

Authors: Shang Ping Chen, A. Miroux, Sybrand van der Zwaag

Abstract: A simple model for recovery of a subgrain structure is used to distinguish and explain the respective influence of the deformed...

Authors: R. Morgenstern, M. Videm, Knut Marthinsen, Erik Nes, Trond Furu

Abstract: The starting material, the deformed state, as well as the recrystallised microstructure and texture have been analysed as a function of...

Authors: N. Burhan, Michael Ferry

Abstract: Severe plastic straining is an established method for producing submicron grain (SMG) structures in alloys. However, the development of...

Authors: Yoshifumi Morimoto, Hiroki Adachi, Kozo Osamura, Jun Kusui, Shigeru Okaniwa

Abstract: The Mesoalite alloy is formed using rapidly solidified powder metallurgy (RS-P/M) by hot extruding the RS powder produced by the...

Authors: S.C. Hogg, I.G. Palmer, Patrick S. Grant

Abstract: This work describes the microstructure and properties of a range of Al-(4-6)Mg- (1.2-1.6)Li-(0.3-0.4)Zr-(0-0.2)Sc alloys produced at Oxford...


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