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Authors: Yoshikazu Suzuki, Tomoya Omura, Shoichi Hirosawa, Tatsuo Sato
Abstract:In this study, asymmetric warm rolling (AWR) has been applied to improve the formability of bake-hardenable Al-3mass%Mg-1mass%Cu-(Ag) alloy...
Authors: Mischa Crumbach, Tom Quested, Richard Hamerton
Abstract:Through-Process modelling (TPM) of microstructure evolution during thermomechanical processing of sheet produced from direct chill (DC) cast...
Authors: P. Padhi, Santosh K. Anand, Debashis Kar, S. Ghosh, Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi
Abstract:In metallic alloys, the formation of macrostructure involves different length and time scales. The macrostructure strongly influences the...
Authors: Josée Colbert, Dominique Bouchard
Abstract:A heat transfer model was built to predict the temperature evolution of semi-solid aluminum billets produced with the SEED process. An...
Authors: Kamran Dehghani, H. Abdollahi, Sh. Abbasi
Authors: Sarmistha Bakshi, Subodh Kumar
Abstract:Impact properties and fatigue crack growth behavior of a newly developed Al-Zn-Mg functionally graded material (FGM) is studied. The...
Authors: R. Mahmudi, M.M. Alaiha
Abstract:The effect of different parameters during thermo-mechanical processing on the earing behavior of AA3003 aluminum sheets has been...
Authors: Masatoshi Sudo
Abstract:Commercially pure aluminum (A1050) sheets have been cold- rolled in vacuum, to obtain high friction between rolls and sheet. This...
Authors: V.A. Ivanov, Dmitri A. Molodov, Lasar S. Shvindlerman, Günter Gottstein, D. Kolesnikov, Witold Łojkowski
Abstract:A new method is introduced to determine the absolute value of the boundary excess free volume. Along with the boundary energy the excess...
Authors: Olaf Engler
Abstract:In order to predict the mechanical properties of Al sheet products, the evolution of microstructure and crystallographic texture along the...
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