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Authors: Yuji Kume, Makoto Kobashi, Naoyuki Kanetake
Abstract:A Compressive Torsion Processing (CTP) is a unique severe plastic deformation process which can easily apply very large strain without shape...
Authors: Jochen Hasenclever
Abstract:The important role of dissolved elements, such as manganese or iron, in the production process of rolled material was in the focus of this...
Authors: John Campbell, Murat Tiryakioğlu
Abstract:The modelling of microstructure, and hence the properties, of cast alloys has so far been attempted assuming the liquid metal is free from...
Authors: André Larouche, Malcom Lane, Massimo DiCiano, Daan M. Maijer, Steve CockCroft, Roger Thiffault
Abstract:Horizontal continuous casting process has been successfully implemented in Alcan for the production of T-ingots of primary aluminium and...
Authors: O. Kessler, R. von Bargen, Fabian Hoffmann, H.W. Zoch
Abstract:Age hardening is one of the most important processes to strengthen aluminium alloys. It usually consists of the steps solution annealing,...
Authors: H. Ahmed, Mary A. Wells, Daan M. Maijer, Menno van der Winden
Abstract:A mathematical model has been developed and validated to predict deformation, temperature and microstructure evolution during multi-pass hot...
Authors: Hiroki Adachi, Kozo Osamura, Jun Kusui, Shigeru Okaniwa
Abstract:The effect of extrusion rate and ratio on the Al3Zr induced dynamic recrystallization (DRX) that occurs during hot extrusion of RS-P/M...
Authors: Z. Horita
Abstract:The process of severe plastic deformation (SPD) makes it possible to reduce the grain size to the submicrometer or nanometer range in many...
Authors: H.J. McQueen
Abstract:Thermo-mechanical processing (TMP), coined 50 years ago for steels to describe combined thermal and mechanical treatments that define both...
Authors: S.L. Goh, Jian Feng Nie, Laure Bourgeois, Barry C. Muddle, J. David Embury
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