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Authors: Kent D. Carlson, Zhi Ping Lin, Christoph Beckermann, George Mazurkevich, Marc Schneider
Authors: D. Ruvalcaba, Dmitry G. Eskin, Laurens Katgerman
Abstract:In the present research the possibility of studying the solidification of aluminum alloys by using the quenching technique is analyzed....
Authors: Peyman Ashtari, Kevin Gatenby, Mark Gallerneault
Abstract:The influence of different cooling regimes on the surface microstructure of strip cast AA1XXX alloys was investigated. The cooling rate was...
Authors: Gang Sha, Keyna O'Reilly, Brian Cantor
Abstract:Intermetallic phases formed during directional Bridgman solidification of a 6xxx series Al alloy in the growth velocity range 5-120 mm/min...
Authors: Daryoush Emadi, Robert Mackay, L.V. Whiting, Jerry Sokolowski, Mahi Sahoo
Abstract:The potential use of an Al-9Si-1Cu alloy (W328 alloy) as a replacement for W319 alloy in engine blocks was investigated.. The ambient...
Authors: Shinji Kumai
Abstract:Cast plates of A356 aluminum alloy with different thickness were fabricated by rheocasting and squeeze casting. Tear tests were performed on...
Authors: M. Faraji, Iain Todd, H. Jones
Abstract:The effect of size refinement of primary silicon and modification of eutectic silicon, separately and simultaneously, on microstructure of...
Authors: Michael Hitchcock, Zhong Yun Fan
Abstract:Solidification behaviour of 357 Al-alloy under intensive forced convection in the rheo-die-casting (RDC) process, was investigated...
Authors: Sonja Steinbach, Johannes Dagner, Marc Hainke, Jochen Friedrich, Lorenz Ratke
Abstract:A quantitative understanding of the effect of fluid flow on the microstructure of cast alloys is still lacking. The application of time...
Authors: Hai Hao, Xing Guo Zhang, Joon Pyo Park, Ho Young Kim, Shan Yao, Jun Ze Jin
Abstract:By imposing a high frequency magnetic field, the surface quality and macro/micro structure of the direct chill cast billets are improved....
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