Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X. Grant Chen

Abstract: In recent years, the horizontal continuous casting has been increasingly applied in a variety of aluminum products such as busbars, T-bars,...

Authors: Farshid Pahlevani, J. Yaokawa, Koichi Anzai

Abstract: The needs for high-strength and lightweight structural materials have increased in automotive and aerospace structural applications....

Authors: Ravi Nadella, Dmitry G. Eskin, Laurens Katgerman

Abstract: The addition of grain refiners during industrial direct chill (DC) casting of aluminum billets promotes formation of smaller equiaxed...

Authors: Ryotaro Nagata, Yasuhiro Uetani, Hidetoshi Takagi, Kenji Matsuda, Susumu Ikeno

Abstract: In order to extrude A7075 aluminum alloy soundly from melt without using feed stock billet, rheo-extrusion was tried by utilizing...

Authors: A.L. Berezina, T.O. Monastyrska, O.A. Molebny
Authors: Hisashi Sato, Kentaro Ota, Yoshimi Watanabe, Zuo Gui Zhang, Kaneaki Tsuzaki

Abstract: Grain refining experiments for casting of pure Al were conducted to evaluate the grain refinement performance of an Al-5mass%Ti alloy...

Authors: Murat Tiryakioğlu

Abstract: The effects of solution treatment time and artificial aging on the work hardening characteristics on Al-7%Si-0.6%Mg (D357) alloy castings...

Authors: Kee Hyun Kim, Benny van Daele, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, Jong Kyu Yoon

Abstract: A hot dip aluminizing process to simulate the continuous galvanizing line (CGL) was carried out in three successive steps by a hot dip...

Authors: Damien Fabrègue, Alexis Deschamps, Michel Suéry, Warren J. Poole

Abstract: In order to improve the understanding of hot tearing during laser welding of aluminium alloys, the rheology of the alloys in the mushy...

Authors: Teruto Kanadani, Keiyu Nakagawa, Norio Hosokawa, Akira Sakakibara, Koji Murakami, Makoto Hino

Abstract: The aging of Al-Zn alloys has been vastly studied for decades. In the previous paper, 0hta et al. studied carefully the hardness of the...


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