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Authors: Ming Qiu Zhang, Min Zhi Rong, Klaus Friedrich

Abstract: To develop wear resistant nanocomposite coating materials, the authors treated nanosilica first by introducing a certain amount of grafting...

Authors: M. Shibata, Yoshito Takemoto, Ichiro Shimizu

Abstract: Aluminium alloy composites reinforced with aluminium borate whiskers (ABw), developed recently by SHIKOKU KASEI KOUGYOU Co. Ltd., Japan,...

Authors: Junichi Kaneko, Makoto Sugamata, H. Akiyama
Authors: Jung Ho Ahn, Yan Li Wang, Yong Jin Kim, Sung Jin Kim, Hyung Sik Chung

Abstract: We have synthesized multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT)-reinforced Al matrix composites. The Al/MWCNT composite powders were prepared by...

Authors: Naoya Masahashi, M. Oku, Sadao Watanabe, Shuji Hanada

Abstract: The laminated composite of Fe–Al alloy and CrMo steel was fabricated by clad rolling to provide additional properties to the steel such as...

Authors: M. Yoshida, T. Matsunaga, K. Ogata, T. Hatayama, K. Shinozaki

Abstract: In order to estimate work of external force per unit area to infiltrate molten aluminum into bundle of two types of carbon fibers which...

Authors: Hideki Kakisawa, Kazumi Minagawa, Susumu Takamori, Yoshiaki Osawa

Abstract: Fabrication of nano-laminar ceramic composite by a simple sintering technique was examined. Glass flakes with a thickness of 0.7μm coated...

Authors: Yutaka Hiraoka, H. Hanado, Takeshi Inoue, N. Akiyoshi, M.K. Yoo

Abstract: A series of industry-scale and laboratory-scale W-Cu composites containing copper of 19-51 vol% were prepared by infiltrating a tungsten...

Authors: Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Anna Włodarczyk-Fligier, Marcin Adamiak

Abstract: Investigations of composite materials based on EN AW-Al Cu4Mg1(A) aluminum alloy reinforced with the Ti(C,N) particles with various weight...


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