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Authors: Yeon Ung Kim, Racquel Z. LeGeros, Kyoung Nam Kim, Kwang Mahn Kim, Yong Keun Lee
Abstract:This study examined the possibility of synthesis of biphasic calcium phosphate by sintering a mixture of hydroxyapatite and calcium...
Authors: Shojiro Ochiai, D. Doko, Hiroshi Okuda, Sang Soo Oh, Dong Woo Ha, Masashi Tanaka, M. Hojo, Kozo Osamura, M. Miura
Abstract:Influence of applied tensile and bending strains on the local and overall transport critical current Ic and n-value at 77 K of...
Authors: Naoki Miyano, Yusuke Kumagai, Masayoshi Yoshimoto, Shigeo Tanaka, Kazuo Isonishi, Kei Ameyama
Abstract:One of the authors proposed a non-equilibrium powder metallurgy process, which enables the fabrication of a near net-shape product using TiC...
Authors: S.C. Sharma, M. Krishna, H.N. Narasimha Murthy
Abstract:This investigation analyses the influence of dispersed alumina particles on the wear behaviour of the Al/albite composites in a corrosive...
Authors: José A. Jiménez, Georg Frommeyer, Marta López, N. Candela, Oscar A. Ruano
Abstract:Fully dense composite materials of M3/2 high speed steel reinforced with 5, 10 and 15vol. % of high purity niobium carbide were developed...
Authors: M. García de Cortázar, Javier Goñi, J. Coleto, I. Agote, P. Egizabal, Y. Lepetitcorps
Abstract:A new cost effective process to produce discontinuously reinforced (TiB) TMCs has been developed. The article presents general features of...
Authors: Gen Sasaki, Yong Bum Choi, Kazuhiro Matsugi, Naoki Sorita, Shunsaku Kondoh, Osamu Yanagisawa
Abstract:In order to fabricate the metal matrix composites by low-pressure infiltration by gravity casting machine, the preform made from FeCrSi...
Authors: Roland Taillard, S. Guyot, Christophe Verwaerde
Abstract:Composites made of niobium filaments within an oversaturated α-CuSn bronze matrix were processed by restack bundle drawing. The differences...
Authors: Susumu Ikeno, Kenji Matsuda, I. Müllerová, Luděk Frank
Abstract:In the present talk, MgAl2O4 in the Al2O3/Al-1.0mass%Mg2Si alloy composite was also observed by a scanning electron microscope equipped with...
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