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Authors: Abdelilah Benmarouane, T. Hansen, Pierre Millet, Alain Lodini
Abstract:The basic principles behind human tissue response to artificial surface implantation may be developed under its biological aspect, it is...
Authors: Toshihiro Kasuga, Akiko Obata, Hirotaka Maeda, Larry L. Hench
Abstract:Calcium carbonate (vaterite)-containing poly(lactic acid) (PLA) composites (CCPCs) were prepared for novel biomaterials that are expected to...
Authors: Wolfgang E.S. Unger, Umut Oran, Sufal Swaraj, Andreas Lippitz
Abstract:The formation of plasma-polymerized materials made from organic molecules is a technologically attractive way to obtain films with unique...
Authors: Denis Najjar, Francois Hennebelle, Alain Iost, H. Migaud
Abstract:This paper presents a methodology for assessing the in-vivo degradation mechanisms of articular components of total hip replacement (THR)...
Authors: Ik Hyun Oh, Hyeon Taek Son, Chang Seog Kang, Jae Seol Lee, Jae Ik Cho, Jung Chan Bae, Byong Taek Lee, Ho Yeon Song
Authors: Tae Hee Kim, Jin Hua, Hyun Woo Kim, Myung Haing Cho, Jae Woon Nah, Yun Jaie Choi, Chong Su Cho
Abstract:The development of an efficient targeted gene delivery system into cells is an important strategy for the advancement of gene therapy. The...
Authors: Han Sol Kim, Won Yong Kim
Abstract:Microstructures and mechanical properties including elastic modulus were investigated in terms of ternary alloying elements Si addition, Nb...
Authors: Equo Kobayashi, Masa Ogo, Hisashi Doi, T. Yoneyama, K. Noda, Takao Hanawa
Abstract:For commercialized dental implants, to enhance the bone bonding of the artificial tooth roots, several kinds of surface modification...
Authors: Kang Sup Chung, Jae Chun Lee, Kyung Chul Lee, Jeong Eun Lee, Sang Yong Eom, Yoon Chang Park, B.C. Dave
Authors: Silvia Farè, Luigi de Nardo, S. De Cicco, M. Jovenitti, Maria Cristina Tanzi
Abstract:In the last few years, clinical procedures undergone huge modifications. Among them, mini-invasive surgery has modified the clinical...
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