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Authors: Koichi Tsuchiya, Qi Feng Cao, Akihide Hosokawa, Masayuki Katahira, Yoshikazu Todaka, Minoru Umemoto

Abstract: Application of TiNi shape memory alloy in biomedical field is rapidly expanding. Some of the applications calls for non-conventional...

Authors: Thomas J. Webster

Abstract: Nanotechnology is being used to mimic structural components of our tissues in synthetic materials intended for various implant...

Authors: Barbara Nebe, Frank Luethen, Regina Lange, Ulrich Beck

Abstract: The contact of a cell on the biomaterial’s surface is mediated by its adhesion components. The topography of titanium surfaces influences...

Authors: Korey Moeller, Jason Besecker, Greg Hampikian, A. Moll, D. Plumlee, John Youngsman, Janet M. Hampikian

Abstract: There is a growing need for remote biological sensing in both laboratory and harsh field environments. Sensing and detection of biological...

Authors: Michael Tatoulian, Enrico Gallino, R. Jafari, Farzaneh Arefi-Khonsari, L. Tatoulian, Jean Pascal Borra, François Lewis, D. Mantovani

Abstract: Metallic Intravascular stents are medical devices used to scaffold a biological lumen, mostly diseased arteries, after balloon angioplasty....

Authors: Claire Jarry, Matthew Shive, Abdellatif Chenite

Abstract: The primary purpose of this study was to characterize the main features of a BCP-loaded chitosan-GP composite. The two-syringe design...

Authors: Karen M. Haberstroh, Megan A. Pattison, Martin Kaefer, Thomas J. Webster

Abstract: Superficial bladder cancer is often treated by removing the cancerous portion of the bladder wall combined with immuno-chemotherapy; in...

Authors: William G. Ward, Thomas L. Smith, Eileen Rosencrance, D. Nicole Deal, Emilee Dickerson, Stephanie Holsenbeck
Authors: Yu Mi Kim, Jin Gao, Blaine Zern, Ya Dong Wang

Abstract: Most biomaterials widely used in nerve regeneration are either inert or modified with ECM proteins or their epitopes. Neurotransmitters...

Authors: Takayuki Narushima, Kyosuke Ueda, Takashi Goto, Tomoyuki Katsube, Hiroshi Kawamura, Chiaki Ouchi, Yasutaka Iguchi

Abstract: Calcium phosphate films were coated on commercially pure titanium substrates by radiofrequency magnetron sputtering using β-tricalcium...


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