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Authors: Robert Mackay, Ron Hausenbusch, Jerry Sokolowski
Abstract:The main aim of the metallurgical investigation was to enhance our understanding of the role Cu and Si have on the development of shrinkage...
Authors: John C. Burford, Jerry Sokolowski
Abstract:Traditional gravity pour down-sprue methods of filling moulds in the making of aluminum castings inherently lead to oxide and air bubble...
Authors: Masatoshi Enomoto, Sadao Kokubo, Kazuhiro Nakata
Abstract:Laser irradiating process with Nd-YAG laser is investigated in order to improve the adhesion and wear resistance of low pressure plasma...
Authors: Woong Seong Chang, Hyeon Jin Cho, Heung Ju Kim, Chang Keun Chun
Abstract:In an attempt to optimize the friction spot joining process of Al alloys for automobiles (Al 5000 and Al 6000 series, thickness 1mm),...
Authors: Ying Jun Gao, Xian Hua Hou, Chuang Gao Huang
Abstract:Atomic bonding of the GPB zone and S′′ phase of Al-Cu-Mg alloys in early aging stage are calculated using the empirical electron theory...
Authors: S.F. Golovashchenko
Abstract:Small pieces of metal are generated during trimming of automotive body panels. Commonly referred to as slivers, these pieces can be...
Authors: C.H. Johnson, E.A. Druschitz, A.P. Druschitz
Abstract:Leak path defects in brake caliper castings were observed and an efficient method of detecting them was needed. The standard detection...
Authors: Xiao Wei Wang, Hong Yan Zhang, Ai Qing Sun
Abstract:Al alloys with Mg as the major alloying element constitute a group of non-heat treatable alloys with medium strength, high ductility,...
Authors: Zhi Gang Chen, Zi Qiao Zheng, Jue Zhong, Simon P. Ringer
Abstract:The present paper outlines the effect of small addition of Sc,Ag and Mg on the ageing characteristics and microstructural evolution in some...
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