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Authors: Jung Pyung Choi, Tae Woon Nam, Eui Pak Yoon

Abstract: The structural control of A356 alloy, which was not studied among various electromagnetic processing of materials, was considered applying...

Authors: Yoshiki Miki, Katsumi Koyama, O. Noguchi, Y. Ueno, Toshio Komatsubara

Abstract: To restrain global warming, weight reduction of autobodies is needed for fuel saving and discharge of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. Usage of...

Authors: Mariusz Krupinski, Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Jerry Sokolowski, Wojciech Kasprzak, Glenn E. Byczynski

Abstract: Computer based classification methodology is presented in the paper for defects being developed in the Al alloys as the car engine elements...

Authors: Yücel Birol

Abstract: Heat-treatable Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloys for automotive body panel applications are shipped and formed in T4 temper while still formable and...

Authors: Xin Jin Cao, Mohammad Jahazi

Abstract: There has been an increasing tendency to determine liquid metal quality using pressure filtration methods such as Prefil Footprinter tests....

Authors: Koji Ichitani, Tsutomu Tagata

Abstract: A new superplastic Al-Mg-high Mn alloy called a high-Mn alloy in the present paper was developed. The superplastic properties of the...

Authors: Masakazu Kobayashi, Yoshimasa Takayama, Hajime Kato, Hiroyuki Toda

Abstract: In-situ SEM/EBSP analysis has been performed during the evolution of the cube texture in a pure aluminum foil. In general, foils for...

Authors: Cheng Jin, Ji Tai Niu, Shi Yu He, Hong Bin Geng, G. Long

Abstract: In this paper, the micro-damage mechanisms of 5A06 Al alloy weld joints have been studied under the condition of constant load and cyclic...

Authors: C.H. Chiang, Chi Y.A. Tsao

Abstract: The extrusion forces of the spray-formed Al-25wt%Si alloy at various strain rates and temperatures were calculated with the flow stresses...

Authors: Hiromi Nagaum, Satoru Suzuki, T. Okane, T. Umeda

Abstract: The effect of Fe content on hot tearing of the high-strength Al-Mg-Si alloy was systematically investigated. In this study, a thermodynamic...


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