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Authors: Toshikazu Akahori, Mitsuo Niinomi, Hisao Fukui, Michiharu Ogawa
Abstract:Plain and notch fatigue properties of a β-type titanium alloy, Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr (TNTZ), which was subjected to various thermomechanical...
Authors: Takao Hanawa, Harumi Sakamoto, Yuta Tanaka
Abstract:Application of metals will be expanded to new medical devices, scaffold for tissue engineering, artificial organs, etc. with the addition of...
Authors: Sung Pei Tsai, Chien Yang Hsieh, Chung Yu Hsieh, Yaw Nan Chang, Da Ming Wang, Hsyue Jen Hsieh
Abstract:The development of tissue engineering provides a novel approach to restore bodily functions by seeding cells onto various scaffolds....
Authors: Rui A. Silva, P.A. Silva, M.E. Carvalho
Abstract:Degradation studies of PP and PVDF monofilaments were carried out using a special chamber for several periods of time. One set of the...
Authors: Silvia Bubeníková, Igor Lacík, Dušan Bakoš, Lucia Vodná
Abstract:The paper presents the first part of the work focused on preparation of biodegradable chitosan microcapsules with tailored properties for...
Authors: Eric M. Rivera-Muñoz, Rodrigo Velázquez-Castillo, P. Muñoz-Alvarez
Abstract:Hydroxyapatite-based materials have been used for dental and biomedical applications. Newly developed synthesis techniques give cause to a...
Authors: Dora A. Cortés-Hernández, Haydée Y. López, D. Mantovani
Abstract:In order to decrease its degradation rate, pure magnesium was subjected to the following treatments: (1) heat treatment at 345oC for 15 min...
Authors: Manuele Merlo, Fabio Negretto, Monica Soncini, Franco Maria Montevecchi
Abstract:Interest in microcantilever based biosensors in the biomedical field has largely increased during the last years. Potentially, this kind of...
Authors: Lia Rimondini, Barbara Palazzo, Michele Iafisco, Lorenza Canegallo, Federica Demarosi, Michela Merlo, Norberto Roveri
Abstract:The use of specific remineralizing agents in toothpastes may help to prevent caries and treat dentinal sensitivity. In this study, applied...
Authors: Roberto Chiesa, Giulio Cotogno, Matteo Franchi, Stefania Rivetti, Uwe Holzwarth
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