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Authors: Claire Daniel, Frédéric Christien, René Le Gall

Abstract: It was previously reported that fatigue life of some alloys can be dramatically reduced if the grain boundaries contain a high level of...

Authors: Hisashi Serizawa, Charles Lewinsohn, Mrityunjay Singh, Hidekazu Murakawa

Abstract: As examples of the most typical methods to determine the shear strength of SiC/SiC composite joints, the asymmetrical four point bending...

Authors: Shusaku Takagi, Satoshi Terasaki, Kaneaki Tsuzaki, Tadanobu Inoue, Fumiyoshi Minami

Abstract: A new method for evaluating the hydrogen embrittlement (HE) susceptibility of ultra high strength steel was studied in order to propose a...

Authors: P.A. Manohar

Abstract: Several prematurely failed jack bolts were analyzed to determine the root causes of failure. Bolts were employed to ensure that die halves...

Authors: Mitsuru Ohata, Anna Ui, Fumiyoshi Minami
Authors: Hiroshi Shimanuki, Fumiyoshi Minami, Mitsuru Ohata
Authors: Yoichi Kayamori, S. Hillmansen, P.S.J. Crofton, Roderick A. Smith

Abstract: Static and dynamic ductile crack propagation tests were carried out using thin single edge notched tension (SENT) specimens of...

Authors: Mitsuru Ohata, Takuya Fukahori, Fumiyoshi Minami

Abstract: This study pays attention to reveal the material properties that control resistance curve for ductile crack growth (CTOD-R curve) on the...

Authors: Shigeo Saimoto

Abstract: Measurements of the activation volume and mean slip distance were used in the dynamic dislocation-defect analysis to reveal the...


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