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Authors: A. Krishnaiah, Chakkingal Uday, P. Venugopal

Abstract: Groove pressing (GP) is a severe plastic deformation technique for producing ultra fine grain sized microstructures in metals and alloys....

Authors: Jung Suk Lee, Kwang Ho Kim, Jae Hwan Han, Dong Il Kwon

Abstract: The material characterization on the weak points of the structural systems is essential to evaluate safety accurately. However, general...

Authors: Jürgen Merker, Bernd Fischer, David F. Lupton, Joerg Witte

Abstract: Due to its outstanding mechanical properties at high temperatures and chemical stability iridium is used for demanding high temperature...

Authors: Shanmukha Nagaraj, M. Krishna

Abstract: The cold expansion technique is often used to introduce beneficial compressive residual stresses at fastener holes that retard cracking in...

Authors: Oliver Kirstein, Maurice I. Ripley, David Tawfik

Abstract: Neutron scattering using diffraction techniques is now recognised as the most precise and reliable method of mapping sub-surface residual...

Authors: Carlos Camurri, C. Carrasco, Jean Dille

Abstract: The goal of this work is to model the temperature distribution, phase transformation and residual stresses induced during the heat...

Authors: Jia Nian Shen, Mou Cheng Li, Dong Liu, Xian Rong Sun, Ekoko Bakambo Gracien, Shu Dian Yao, Bin Wan

Abstract: The photocatalytic degradation of organics in aqueous solution is an active research field. Currently, the relatively low degradation...

Authors: Xian Bin Zhou, Li Hui Lang

Abstract: As one of the oldest manufacturing methods, the plasticity processing still is the basic and important way to produce the components in...


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