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Authors: Yasuhiro Aruga, Naohiro Hara, Katsura Kajihara

Abstract: The effect of the amount of dispersoids on softening behavior and recrystallized microstructure of Cu-Fe-P alloy was examined by the...

Authors: Ji Sik Kim, Kee Sun Sohn, Yong Nam Kwon, Gap Su Ban, Kwang Ho Lee
Authors: J.Y. Kim, In Ok Shim, H.K. Kim, S.S. Hong, Soon Hyung Hong

Abstract: Deformation behaviors under quasi-static and dynamic compression and high velocity impact condition of Ti-6Al-4V ELI (extra low...

Authors: Hiroyuki Saiki, Yasuo Marumo, Li Qun Ruan, Junpei Kozasa

Abstract: The effect of the flow stress of solid lubricant for cold forging on the tribological conditions was investigated using a rigid-plastic...

Authors: S. Ryufuku, Yo Tomota, Y. Shiota, T. Shiratori, Hiroshi Suzuki, Atsushi Moriai

Abstract: Dislocation density and crystallite size of steel wires with various carbon concentrations and drawing strains were determined by profile...

Authors: Katsutoshi Yamada, Kohmei Halada, Kiyoshi Ijima

Abstract: The research was made on how ecomaterials are currently used in Japan. All the information was obtained from 2001 to 2004 year version...

Authors: Myung Keun Han, J.H. Han, Kyong Jun An, D.S. Jeon, Don Gervasio, In Ho Song, Y.M. Lee, Yong Gun Shul
Authors: Bruno DeBenedetti, G. Camino, D. Tabuani, L. Maffia, J. Santarén, E. Aguilar
Authors: Franz Georg Simon

Abstract: Industry has to handle two major cost factors: labor and materials. To improve competitiveness, companies usually try to optimize the...

Authors: Min Zhi Rong, Ming Qiu Zhang, Su Ping Wu, Hong Juan Wang, Tibor Czigány

Abstract: In this work, plastic foams were prepared from plant oil resins based on soybean oil and castor oil. Firstly, epoxidized soybean oil (ESO)...


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