Eco-Materials Processing and Design VIII

Volumes 544-545

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B.G. Kim, H.J. Park, Byung Cheol Lee

Abstract: In this research, a up-flow filtration device was developed for the on-site treatment of urban stormwater runoff during storm events, and...

Authors: Yong Jin Park, Jae Jung Ko, Young Im Kim, Sang Leen Yun, So Jung Kim, Byung Cheol Lee

Abstract: In this study, the capping effects of granular gypsum (Ca2SO4·2H2O) and sand on sediment and water column were evaluated in in-situ...

Authors: Tae Yoon Lee

Abstract: Artificial aggregates made of coal fly ash, which is classified as an industrial byproduct, was tested to oxidize hydrogen sulfide under...

Authors: Kwang Suk You, Ji Whan Ahn, Dong Yun Han, Kye Hong Cho, Hwan Kim

Abstract: Recently, solidification processing by cement material of waste that isn’t only increasing but also study is now in progress....

Authors: Ji Whan Ahn, Hee Chan Cho, Kwang Suk You, Gi Chun Han, Nam Il Um

Abstract: Most carbonation processes utilizing municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash characteristically involve a high water content (over...

Authors: Kazumichi Yanagisawa, Ning Zhong Bao, Misato Kariya, Ayumu Onda, Koji Kajiyoshi, Zully Matamoras-Veloza, Juan Carlos Rendón-Angeles

Abstract: Conversion of used glass bottles to porous materials was investigated for recycling of used glasses. The ordinary method to prepare porous...

Authors: Jin Ho Kim, Seong Jin Hwang, Hyung Sun Kim

Abstract: For low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) materials, BaO-B2O3-MgO-Al2O3 glass system was tested. The starting temperature for...

Authors: Yeong Seok Yoo, Hyun Chul Shin, Hyung Suk So, Beom Suk Kim, Jong Bo Kim

Abstract: We made artificial soil using sewage sludge, the organic wastes. The optimum composition is 50% of sewage sludge cake, 45% of illite...

Authors: Sung Gap Lee, Sang Man Park, Young Hie Lee, Sung Pill Nam

Abstract: Ferroelectric PZT(70/30) thick films were fabricated by the hybrid technique adding the sol coating process to the screen-printing process...

Authors: Beom Goo Lee, Hyun Jong Lee, Dae Yong Shin, Yeon Ho Jeong, Jin Chen Wu, Dong Ha Cho, Kang Yol Lee, Dong Eun Kim, Wie Soo Kang, Young Gyun Goh

Abstract: Cotton, a lignocellulosic fiber and environment friendly natural material, was tested for its ability to sorb diesel oil from the pure...


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