Eco-Materials Processing and Design VIII

Volumes 544-545

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Choon Hee Shim, Woo Keun Lee, Hyo Jon Ban

Abstract: The object of this study is to prepare adsorbents to remove heavy metals from abandoned mine residues. There are many factors that affect...

Authors: Hyun Ju Lee, Yoo Taek Kim, Gi Gang Lee, Jung Hwan Kim, Seung Gu Kang
Authors: U.Sangwanna Sanewirush, M. Buaheepkaew, O. Kosasang, P. Saewong

Abstract: Waste sediment (WS) from three different aluminum factories and rice husk ash (RHA) from power plants are used as precursors. Each WS is...

Authors: Hyun Chul Shin, Beom Suk Kim, Hyung Suk So, Yeong Seok Yoo, Jong Bo Kim

Abstract: This study was conducted to investigate on crystallization condition and its effect on quality of melted slag that was made from...

Authors: Jong Kil Kim, Jin Koo Park, Ho Kun Kim

Abstract: A process for the recovery of nanoporous silica and sodium fluoride from hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium silicate under the different...

Authors: Woo Keun Lee, Hyo Jin Ban, I Rang Im

Abstract: In this study, we investigate to use waste rock as a filler for filling the cavity of abandoned mines. We discuss that waste rock can be...

Authors: Dae Gon Kim, Jong Woong Kim, Sang Su Ha, Ja Myeong Koo, Bo In Noh, Seung Boo Jung

Abstract: Thermo-mechanical reliability of the solder bumped flip chip packages having underfill encapsulant was evaluated with thermal shock...

Authors: Seog Ku Kim, Hyun Dong Lee, Pill Jae Kwak, So Jung Kim, Seong Ho Hong, Sung Jin Kim, Ju Sol Choi

Abstract: We developed the remodeling techniques of water storage tanks and the residual chlorine remaining devices. Eco-TIR((Total Internal...

Authors: Ju Hyong Kim, Sam Deok Cho, Yeon Soo Jang, Soo Sam Kim

Abstract: In this study, natural fiber drains made with coconut coir, rice straw and jute filter were tested to evaluate their practical...

Authors: Sung Gap Lee, Sang Man Park

Abstract: Ferroelectric Pb(Zr0.6Ti0.4)O3 (PZT(60/40)) powder was prepared by a sol-gel method and PZT thick films were fabricated by the...


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