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Authors: Hong Joo Lee, Jun Hong Park, Perumal Jayakumar, Tae Ho Yoon, Lan Young Hong, Sang Hee Park, Dong Pyo Kim
Abstract:Interests on the fabrication of microfluidic devices have increased in the fields of micro total analysis system (μ-TAS) and MEMS...
Authors: Woo Teck Kwon, Soo Ryong Kim, Y. Kim, Jong Hee Hwang, Vikram V. Dabhade, Tae Wook Yoo, Seong Youl Bae
Abstract:The possible utilization of automobile shredder residue as a fuel in the cement kiln process was investigated. The detailed characteristics...
Authors: Titipun Thongtem, Suttasinee Katunyoo, Somchai Thongtem
Abstract:Nano-rod ZnWO4 was solvothermally prepared by the reaction of Zn(CH3COO)2.2H2O with Na2(WO4).2H2O in water at 150-200 oC using the pH of...
Authors: Seoung Woo Kuk, Seok Hwan Bang, In Hoe Kim, Sun Yeol Jeon, Hyeong Tag Jeon, Hyung Ho Park, Ho Jung Chang
Abstract:ZnS thin films were grown by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) method with Diethyl- Zinc (DEZ) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) for the application of...
Authors: Woon Kyoung Park, Ji Whan Ahn, Sang Jin Ko, Choon Han
Abstract:Characteristics of nucleation and crystal growth of aragonite precipitated calcium carbonate in Ca(OH)2 – MgCl2 – CO2 system via a...
Authors: Takashi Yoshiguchi, Toshitaka Ota, Nobuyasu Adachi
Abstract:By the solution-dropping method imitating the growth of stalagmite in nature, piezoelectric KNbO3 crystal was prepared onto a substrate by...
Authors: Sun Yong Choi, Yuko Taguchi, Wataru Minami, Lae Hyun Kim, Hee Joon Kim
Abstract:The decomposition characteristics of CF4 with Argon or oxygen in 2.45GHz microwave has been investigated by using a Langmuir probe with...
Authors: B.H. Moon, Y.B. Park, Sung Su Kim, Gyu Tae Seo, T.S. Lee, T.S. Kim
Abstract:The objective of this study is to investigate the efficient method to maximize both color and TOC removal of the azo dye solution by...
Authors: Jae Ho Lee
Abstract:As electronic devices are getting smaller and lighter, the density of copper lines on flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) is getting...
Authors: Zeng Yi, Xue Bin Zheng, Heng Ji, Wei Wu, Soo Wohn Lee
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