Eco-Materials Processing and Design VIII

Volumes 544-545

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.H Lee, Eun Hee Lee

Abstract: We have studied the effect of pH on the dispersion stability of aqueous suspensions of Fe2O3 powders over a wide pH range in the presence...

Authors: Dong Won Joo, Sang Hyun Park, Yeon Gil Jung, Je Hyun Lee, Chang Ho Ye, Koo Hyun Lee

Abstract: In this work we have evaluated the effect of platinum (Pt) pre-coating on microstructure evolution of MCrAlY coating during isothermal...

Authors: Sung Jin Kim, Hee Gon Bang, Jung Wook Moon, Sang Yeup Park

Abstract: The enhancement of physical properties of porous honeycomb filter for air purification was investigated using cordierite with the addition...

Authors: Chong Mu Lee, Young Joon Cho, Ho Jin Kim, Wang Woo Lee, Hyoun Woo Kim, Chang Kwon Hwangbo, Jae Gab Lee

Abstract: Influence of nitrogen and oxygen annealing atmospheres on the carrier concentration, carrier mobility, electrical resistivity and PL...

Authors: Moon Kwan Choi, Jin Sang Cho, Sung Min Joo, Jin Koo Park, Ji Whan Ahn, Hwan Kim

Abstract: The purpose of this work is to influence of CaO concentrations of 5.0 wt.% and 10.0 wt.%, slurry feeding rate of 200~400 /min, rotating...

Authors: Soon Chul Ur, Y.G. Choi, Joon Chul Kwon, Sung Lim Ryu, Young Geun Lee, J.L. Lee, L.H. Kim, Tae Whan Hong, S.Y. Kwon, Man Soon Yoon

Abstract: 0.03Pb(Sb0.5Nb0.5)O3-0.03Pb(Mn1/3Nb2/3)O3-(0.94-x)PbTiO3-xPbZrO3 ceramics doped with Y2O3 were synthesized by conventional bulk ceramic...

Authors: Youn Gyu Han, Tomonori Shibata, Rajagopalan Ramaseshan, Tohru Sekino, Koichi Niihara

Abstract: A novel organic/inorganic composite material which can work as a pressure sensor has been synthesized. This composite basically contains...

Authors: Sung Doo Hwang, Wang Kee Min, Ik Min Park, Young Do Park, Young Seok Kim, Yong Ho Park

Abstract: P-type thermoelectric material Si0.8Ge0.2 was fabricated by mechanical alloying(MA) and Hot-Press Process(HP) The effect of...

Authors: Sang Won Myoung, Yeon Gil Jung, Je Hyun Lee

Abstract: In this work, we report on the fabrication process of alumina (Al2O3) microtubes using carbon fibers and aluminum/alumina (Al/Al2O3) mixed...

Authors: In Jae Back, Su Cheol Gong, Hun Seoung Lim, Ik Sub Shin, Seoung Woo Kuk, In Hoe Kim, Hyeong Tag Jeon, Hyung Ho Park, Ho Jung Chang

Abstract: The organic-inorganic field effect transistors (OIFETs) with ZnS active layer were fabricated on the ITO/glass substrate using cross-linked...


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