Eco-Materials Processing and Design VIII

Volumes 544-545

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hal Bon Gu, Dae Kyoo Jun

Abstract: The cycle behavior and rate performance of C-LiFePO4/SPE/Li cell have been investigated at 25 °C. Carbon coated LiFePO4 (C-LiFePO4) was...

Authors: Sang Ok Yoon, Kwan Soo Kim, Shin Kim, Sang Heung Shim, Jong Guk Park

Abstract: Al2O3 and TiO2 were sintered with three types (lead, zinc, bismuth) of borosilicate glass. Their microwave dielectric properties and...

Authors: Jung Il Lee, Joo Ho Lee, Seung Hwan Park, Han Shin Choi, Hoon Cho, Hyung Ho Jo, Skae K. Kim, Hyuk Chon Kwon, Jung Eui Hong

Abstract: The proper control of total impurities and oxygen contents of oxygen-free high conductivity (OFHC) copper prepared by vacuum high-frequency...

Authors: Hao Zhong, Hiroshige Matsumoto, Tatsumi Ishihara, Akira Toriyama

Abstract: La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 (LSGM) -based honeycomb cell was first time successfully built and operated in the case of single-wall used...

Authors: Jae Won Choi, Gouri Cheruvally, Jou Hyeon Ahn, Ki Won Kim, Hyo Jun Ahn

Abstract: Iron, sulfur and transition metal powders were used as the starting materials to prepare iron disulfide (FeS2) cathode material at room...

Authors: Seok Ho Yoon, Min Sung Kang, Hun Sik Kim, Hyoung Joon Jin

Abstract: Electrorheological (ER) particles were obtained by the adsorption of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) on the surface of silk fibroin...

Authors: Karem Noris-Suárez, Joaquín Lira-Olivares, Ana M. Ferreira, Armando Graterol, Jose L. Feijoo, Soo Wohn Lee

Abstract: Bone healing and growth are controlled by the rate of deposition of hidroxiapatite (HA). This process have been so far accredited to the...

Authors: Go Hiramatsu, Yoshihiro Hirata, Soichiro Sameshima, Naoki Matsunaga

Abstract: Gd-doped ceria electrolyte (Ce0.8Gd0.2O1.9, GDC, 700 μm thick), 30 vol% Ni-GDC cermet anode and perovskite cathode La0.6Sr0.4CoO3 (LSC) or...

Authors: Chun Lin Chu, Jian Yih Wang, Jye Lee, Ruey Yi Lee, Shyong Lee

Abstract: Five oxidized metallic alloys, namely, Crofer22, equivalent ZMG232, stainless steel SS430, SS304 and Inconel718 were subjected to oxidation...

Authors: Hong Gun Kim, Lee Ku Kwac, Sung Soo Kang, Young Woo Kang

Abstract: An experimental study is carried out to investigate the performance and the practical application of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel...


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