Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Zhang, Richard Blackburn, Abbas Dehghani

Abstract: Nanocomposites were prepared by embedding carbon black and silica into phenolic resin matrix, which was supported by SEM and particle size...

Authors: Qing Zhang, Lai Fei Cheng, Wei Wang, Xi Wei, Li Tong Zhang, Yong Dong Xu

Abstract: Internal friction of 2D C/SiC composites fabricated by chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) method was measured by dynamical mechanical...

Authors: Li Ying Zeng, Yong Qing Zhao, Xiao Nan Mao, Yun Lian Qi

Abstract: Tensile and high cycle fatigue (HCF) property for TiC particle reinforced titanium matrix composite has been studied in this paper. The...

Authors: Noé G. Alba-Baena, Lawrence E. Murr, Alejandro Loya-Puga, Wayne Salas

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to present an exploratory process to characterize fabricated 2-phase aluminum metal-matrix systems (2-phase...

Authors: Xiao Jin Zhao, Wei Qin, Ben Li Wang

Abstract: High modulus carbon/epoxy composites have been attached more and more importance in the aeronautic field. Because chemical inert of high...

Authors: Qiu Bao Ouyang, Rui Xiang Li, Wen Long Wang, Guo Ding Zhang, Di Zhang

Abstract: Compared to the conventional constructive materials, SiC particle reinforced aluminum matrix composites have lighter weight and higher...

Authors: Chun Jun Liu, Yue Zhang, Da Hai Zhang, Zhong Ping Li

Abstract: In this paper the composite fracture process has been simulated via the finite element method. A micromechanics model was developed to...

Authors: Ju Xian Zhang, Long Liang, Jin Jun Feng

Abstract: AlN-BN composite Powders with the microstructure of micrometer-sized AlN particles coated with BN particles were prepared via a chemical...

Authors: Min Li, Bao Yan Zhang, Xiang Bao Chen

Abstract: Unsymmetric composite laminates were benefit to reducing the structure weight of some aircrafts. However, the cured unsymmetric laminates...

Authors: Xin Lan, Jin Song Leng, Shan Yi Du

Abstract: This paper is concerned about a design of a new deployable antenna actuated by 6 shape memory alloy (SMA) hinges. The antenna consists of 6...


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