Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Yan Zhang, Bin Tai Li, Xiang Bao Chen, Zheng Gang Zhou

Abstract: A low temperature cure resin has been prepared successfully by applying self designed/synthesized cure agent and commercial epoxies through...

Authors: Yan Qing Yang, X.H. Lu, X. Luo, Z.J. Ma, J.K. Li, Q. Wen, Y. Chen

Abstract: The Ti6Al4V composites reinforced with Chinese SiC fiber was manufactured and then thermally exposed at 800°C, 900°C and 1000°C,...

Authors: Yi Wu, Chuan Qiang Yin, Zheng Guang Zou, Xin Wang, Xiao Min Li

Abstract: Steel-bonded cemented carbide GT35 was fabricated from natural ilmenite by in-situ carbothermic reduction and vacuum pressureless...

Authors: Ting Yong Xing, Yan Jun Zheng, Li Shan Cui

Abstract: The objective of present work is to investigate the internal friction behavior of TiNi shape memory alloy fiber/Ni matrix composite. The...

Authors: Yi Zhong Hong Lv, Yan Cui

Abstract: The chemical element and its valence at the fracture surface of SiCp/Al2O3-Al composites synthesized by oxidative infiltration of Al melt...

Authors: Bai Xiang Hu, Guo Liang Zheng, Pin Qi Xia

Abstract: Smart composite material-MRF’s rheological properties such as viscosity and shear modulus can vary when subjected to different magnetic...

Authors: Long Tao Jiang, Gao Hui Wu, Min Zhao, Qiang Zhang, Norio Kouno, Hideo Saito

Abstract: Aluminum matrix composites, reinforced by 0.15μm and 5μm Al2O3 particles with 40% volume fractions were fabricated by squeeze casting...

Authors: Xiao Yan Wang, Fa Luo, Dong Mei Zhu, Wan Cheng Zhou, Hong Huan Wu

Abstract: Csf/Si3N4 composites were prepared by hot-press sintering method using α-Si3N4 power, short chopping carbon-fiber and sintering additives....

Authors: Zhong Hua, Ya Juan Zhong, Dong Feng Li

Abstract: Specimens of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fiber (PAN-CF) with different graphitization temperatures were investigated by small angle...

Authors: Yan Ju Liu, Xiao Rong Wu, Jin Song Leng, R.I. Davidson, P.M. Taylor

Abstract: This work is the first step to develop a programmable tactile array based on ER/MR fluid technology. Prototypes of display incorporating...


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