Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gao Song Qiu, Xin Qing Zhao, Ling Jie Meng, Hui Bin Xu

Abstract: A series of NiTiAl based alloys with different amount of Nb addition were prepared and the effects of Nb on both the mechanical properties...

Authors: Jian Xu, Xin Qing Zhao, Sheng Kai Gong

Abstract: The effect of Mo on the oxidation behavior of TiNiAl at 1073K has been investigated. It is found that 1at.% Mo addition can increase the...

Authors: Shi Yu Qu, Ya Fang Han, Jin Xia Song, Yong Wang Kang

Abstract: The effects of Cr and Al on high temperature oxidation resistance of Nb-Si system intermetallics have been investigated by scanning...

Authors: Ai Qin Liu, Shu Suo Li, Lu Sun, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: Nb-16Si-24Ti-6Cr-6Al-2Hf-xB(x=0, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 6) in situ composites were prepared by arc-melting. Microstructure and the effect of boron...

Authors: Jing Jing Yu, Shu Suo Li, Ya Fang Han

Abstract: A Nb-Si system in-situ composite Nb-16Si-24Ti-6Cr-6Al-2Hf(at%) was fabricated using vacuum arc melting method, and then was metallurgically...

Authors: Dong Mei Zhu, Hong Na Du, Fa Luo, Wan Cheng Zhou

Abstract: Porous C/C composite with certain porosity prepared by Chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) was chosen as the preforms to develop the C/C-SiC...

Authors: Li Juan Zhou, Yong Ting Zheng, Shan Yi Du, Hong Bo Li

Abstract: The fabrication of AlN-SiC-TiB2 ceramics with powder mixtures of Al, 6H-SiC and TiB2 was investigated by self-propagating high temperature...

Authors: G.H. Zhou, Shi Wei Wang, Xiao Xian Huang, Jing Kun Guo

Abstract: Unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced fused silica (uni-Cf/SiO2) composite was prepared by slurry infiltration and hot-pressing. The room...

Authors: Zhuo Zhang, Hong Jun Guo, Wei He, Wen Xion Zhang

Abstract: The thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyamide (TLCPa) was synthesized and the in situ composites for TLCPa/Polyamides 66 (PA66) were...

Authors: Xiao Hu Zhang, He Jun Li, Zhi Biao Hao, Hong Cui

Abstract: The influence of needling parameters on mechanical properties of carbon-carbon (C-C)composites reinforced by needled carbon cloth was...


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