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Authors: Y.L. Jiao, L. Xiao, M.H. Zheng, X.H. Ma, Xin Tai Su, Qing Zhi Yan
Abstract:GdBaCuO bulk superconductors from precursors of Gd123 and ultrafine Gd211 powder have been fabricated by melt-textured-growth method in air....
Authors: X.Q. Xiang, J.F. Qu, Y.Q. Zhang, X.L. Lu, X.G. Li
Abstract:Superconducting single crystals of La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 have been grown at various temperatures without single crystal seeds by the...
Authors: Jean Louis Soubeyroux, C.W. Zhang, Andre Sulpice, Lian Zhou, X.D. Tang, Robert F. Tournier
Abstract:The layer growth of the A15 (Nb3Sn) superconducting phase produced by the internal tin method on model monofilament wires was studied by...
Authors: C.W. Zhang, Andre Sulpice, Jean Louis Soubeyroux, Robert F. Tournier, Lian Zhou, X.D. Tang, Christophe Verwaerde, G.K. Hoang
Abstract:In order to optimize the synthesis process of internal-Sn Nb3Sn wires, magnetization measurements have been performed on samples reacted at...
Authors: G. Yan, Ya Feng Lu, Y. Feng, Ping Xiang Zhang, Lian Zhou, Andre Sulpice, Eric Mossang
Authors: Fen Li, Tao Guo, Kai Cheng Zhang, Chin Ping Chen, Qing Rong Feng
Abstract:The thick MgB2 films have been successfully grown on the Cu substrate by the technique of hybrid physical-chemical vapor deposition (HPCVD)....
Authors: Cheng Shan Li, Eric Mossang, B. Bellin, Andre Sulpice, A. Antonevici, Ping Xiang Zhang
Abstract:Bi-2223 tapes are usually subjected to tensile strain, bending strain and compressive stress in the process of fabrication and applications....
Authors: Han Ping Miao, Kenneth R. Marken, Maarten Meinesz, Boleslaw Czabaj, Seung Hong
Abstract:Development efforts at Oxford Superconducting Technology (OST) have recently been aimed at manufacturing long length round wires with...
Authors: Chun Li Wu, Hai Liang Yang
Abstract:Quench propagation velocity is an important parameter to the stability and protection issues of superconducting magnet. In this paper, the...
Authors: Qiu Liang Wang, Y. Dai, S. Song, Y. Lei, B. Zhao, H. Wang, C. He, Hui Wang, Lu Guang Yan, L. Lin
Abstract:High magnetic field superconducting magnet technology has been developed in the recent years for all kinds of special applications in China....
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