Progress in Light Metals, Aerospace Materials and Superconductors

Volumes 546-549

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Hua Liu, Jun Xiu Shi, Song Mei Li, Jun Lan Yi

Abstract: Galvanic properties were evaluated on bare and anodized Ti-1023 titanium alloy which coupled to Ni-electroplated, Zn-electroplated,...

Authors: Robert F. Tournier

Abstract: Magnetic field texturing of superconducting oxides has shown the possible existence of intrinsic solid nuclei surviving above the melting...

Authors: K. Watanabe, Satoshi Awaji, Gen Nishijima

Abstract: A superconducting magnet with a magnetic energy of E = B2/2μo [J/m3] has to overcome a magnetic force of P = B2/2μo [Pa] in the same...

Authors: Akio Oota, Ryoji Inada, Yoshitaka Iwata, Yuichi Nakamura, Ping Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Ag-sheathed Bi2223 composite tapes with interfilamentary resistive barriers were successfully fabricated by using a powder-in-tube (PIT)...

Authors: Philippe Odier, Antoine Girard, Yannick Cointe, S. Donet, Ze Ming Yu, Tristan Caroff, Andrea Cavallaro, Abdenacer Guibadj

Abstract: This work reports some new studies related to critical aspects in the development of coated conductors (CC). New bi-axially textured tapes...

Authors: C. Cai, J. Zhang, Y. Lu, Hänisch, R. Hühne, B. Holzapfel

Abstract: By controlling pulse number of laser ablation, we prepared a series of quasi-multilayers of YBa2Cu3O7-δ/M (M=incomplete oxide layer) namely...

Authors: Jian Yang, H.Z. Liu, F. Qu, H. Zhang, Q. Zhou, H.W. Gu

Abstract: A reel-to-reel deposition system was set up for studying YBCO coated conductor. Continuous deposition of multi-layer CeO2/YSZ/Y2O3 buffer...

Authors: Ze Ming Yu, Lian Zhou, Philippe Odier, Ping Xiang Zhang

Abstract: A new approach of Cu-Ni substrate is reported, where the cubic textured Cu tape was fabricated by thermal-mechanical process, then a Ni...

Authors: Ming Hua Pu, Guo Li, Xiao Hua Du, Yan Bing Zhang, Hua Ming Zhou, Rui Ping Sun, Zu Qiang Wang, Yong Zhao

Abstract: A new series of ReBiO3 (RBO, Re=Y, Sm or other lanthanide) layers have been prepared on single crystal LaAlO3 or SrTiO3 respectively by a...

Authors: Shao Kai Chen, Lian Zhou, K.G. Wang, Ping Xiang Zhang, Y. Feng, H.H. Wen, S.L. Li

Abstract: YBCO bulks with submicron Y2BaCuO5 particles have been prepared under oxygen partial pressures of 0.21atm and 1atm, respectively, by the...


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