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Authors: Byung Kyu Moon, Kai Kamada, Naoya Enomoto, Junichi Hojo, Soo Wohn Lee

Abstract: The effect of calcination on the mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite and zirconia composite (HAp:ZrO2= 30:70, 50:50, 70:30 mass%) was...

Authors: Z.N. Ismarrubie, Minato Ando, Tsutomu Tsunooka, Isao Kagomiya, Hitoshi Ohsato
Authors: Min Chen, Cai Yun Lu, Jing Kun Yu

Abstract: MgO-CaO materials is one type of the refractories for substitution of MgO-Cr2O3 refractories that has been widely used in metallurgy and...

Authors: Farid Akhtar

Abstract: This study deals with the processing, microstructure and properties of the carbide reinforced copper matrix composites. Powder technology...

Authors: Chun Yan Miao, Gang Lü, Ke Cao, You Wei Yao, Guo Yi Tang, Duan Weng

Abstract: This paper deals with the preparation of silica microcapsules containing phase change paraffin wax for thermal energy storage and the...

Authors: Jan Quintelier, Pieter Samyn, Wim De Waele, Joris Degrieck

Abstract: Polymer matrix composites are widely used as bearing materials for heavy load applications. Still fundamental knowledge about the wear...

Authors: Jan Quintelier, Filip Van den Abeele, Liesbet De Doncker, Wim De Waele, Joris Degrieck, Pieter Samyn

Abstract: Pultruded glass fibre reinforced polyester where used to investigated the frictional behaviour of the 45° fibre orientation. Therefore, on...

Authors: D. Anjaiah, Raviraj Shetty, R. Pai, M.V. Kini, S.S. Rao

Abstract: Metal matrix composites (MMCs) have been found to possess tremendous prospective engineering applications that require materials offering a...

Authors: Syed Humail Islam, M. Tufail, Xuan Hui Qu

Abstract: The high temperature mechanical properties of dual phase heavy metal of 95W-3.5Ni-1.5Fe alloy were investigated in tension. The specimens...

Authors: Koenraad Bonny, Patrick de Baets, Omer Van der Biest, Jef Vleugels, Bert Lauwers

Abstract: Zirconia-based ceramic composites such as ZrO2-WC, ZrO2-TiCN and ZrO2-TiN, are suitable for wire-EDM, due to their sufficiently...


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