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Authors: Chang An Wang, Hai Long Wang, Lei Yu, Yong Huang

Abstract: Ultra-fine and high-pure zirconium diboride powders were prepared by carbothermal reduction boronization of zirconia/boron carbide/carbon...

Authors: Hirota Ken, Takaya Endo, Kato Masaki, Shingo Nakane, Toshiyuki Nishimura, Yoshiaki Morisada, Kiyoshi Mizuuchi

Abstract: Dense zirconium boride (ZrB2)-based materials with and without tungsten (W) have been fabricated directly from mixtures of constituent...

Authors: Ke Zhang, Qiang Zhang, Peng Fei Wang, Ling Bai, Wei Ping Shen, Chang Chun Ge

Abstract: Machinable silicon nitride/ hexahedral boron nitride (Si3N4/h-BN) composites were in-situ synthesized in a nitrogen (N2) atmosphere by...

Authors: M. Nagashima, Motozo Hayakawa

Abstract: Grain growth behavior in Al2O3 with a small amount of ZrO2 (< 5 vol%) was examined. Grain growth of Al2O3 was retarded by zirconia...

Authors: Satoshi Kitaoka, Naoki Kawashima, Keiji Maeda, Takaki Kuno, Yoshinori Noguchi
Authors: Qing Huang, Yong Huang, Chang An Wang, Hou Xing Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the MgAlON ceramic was fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) and hot press sintering respectively. The results showed...

Authors: Shouichi Muraoka, Kazuhiro Kitamura, Satoshi Kishi, Tatuo Nakazawa, Yasuo Shimizu

Abstract: A new wire mesh metallic catalyst support has been studied by using a stainless heat resistant steel of including aluminum. This catalyst...

Authors: Lai Jun Liu, Hui Qing Fan

Abstract: The effect of stoichiometry, i.e. Ca/Cu ratios (CaCu3xTi4O12, x = 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2) on the microstructure and electrical...

Authors: Ying Sun, Cong Wang, Yong Chun Wen

Abstract: Mn3GaN has anti-perovskite structure and there exists an abnormal thermal expansion behavior in accompanying with a magnetic transition and...

Authors: Zhen Ying Huang, Hong Xiang Zhai, Hua Zhang, Hong Bing Zhang

Abstract: The current-carrying wear characteristics of Ti3AlC2 sliding against low-carbon steel were investigated. Tests were carried out using a...


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