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Authors: Tian Guo Zhou, Zheng Yi Jiang, Jing Lin Wen, A. Kiet Tieu

Abstract: AA6201 with main compositions of Mg-0.5 wt % and Si-0.5 wt %, is a typical electric conductive alloy which shows remarkable combination of...

Authors: Ka C. Wong

Abstract: Porous Ti6Al4V was attempted to be produced by using the protein forming method. This study characterizes slurry compositions and...

Authors: Maizlinda I. Idris, Tania Vodenitcharova, Mark Hoffman

Abstract: In recent years there has been a considerable amount of research into the deformation behaviour of metallic foams. The majority of this...

Authors: Ding Chen, Jian Guo Cai, Wei Wu, Gang Chen, Hong Ge Yan

Abstract: Al-Cu-Co and Al-Cu-Ni ternary alloy nanopowders were prepared via a self-developed solid-liquid reaction milling technique. The milling...

Authors: Li Qing Chen, Ji Jie Wang, Lin Chen

Abstract: A novel process, of melt infiltration combined with diffusion annealing technique, was developed to prepare Ti-Al intermetallics at...

Authors: X.P. Guo, L.X. Zhao, Ping Guan, K. Kusabiraki

Abstract: The halide-activated pack cementation method was utilized to deposit silicide coatings on a multicomponent Nb-Ti-Si based alloy. The...

Authors: Takayuki Takasugi, Yasuyuki Kaneno

Abstract: Dual two-phase intermetallic alloys composed of geometrically close packed (GCP) structures of Ni3Al(L12) and Ni3V(D022) containing Nb were...

Authors: Toshimitsu Tetsui

Abstract: In order to expand a market share of TiAl turbocharger a second generation TiAl turbocharger was newly developed. The characteristic of...

Authors: Takayoshi Nakano, Takahiro Tachibana, Koji Hagihara, Yukichi Umakoshi, Takuya Ide, Masakazu Tane, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: A porous Ti-48.0at.%Al (Ti-rich TiAl) crystal, in which lotus-type long cylindrical pores were aligned and (γ/α2) two-phase lamellar...

Authors: Tong Cui, Ji Jie Wang, Li Qing Chen, Guang Pu Zhao, Hong Cai Yang

Abstract: The microstructures evolution of a new type Ni-base superalloy has been investigated after long-term aging at 750°C for 2000h. The results...


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