Stress Evaluation Using Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation

Volumes 571-572

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vadim Davydov, Petr Lukáš, Pavel Strunz, Radomír Kužel

Abstract: The modification of the Transformed Model Fitting /TMF/ [1] method developed for evaluation of the single-line profiles from...

Authors: Ingwer A. Denks, Christoph Genzel

Abstract: In residual stress analysis (RSA) using energy dispersive (ED) diffraction care has to be taken of the detector energy stability. For a...

Authors: Jens Gibmeier, Manuela Klaus, Berthold Scholtes

Abstract: The deformation behavior of the magnesium base alloy AZ31 was studied by means of energy dispersive diffraction using high energy...

Authors: Bernd Hasse, Helene Rahn, Stefan Odenbach, Felix Beckmann, Walter Reimers

Abstract: At the HARWI II beamline at the GKSS outstation at DESY a new experiment for position sensitive diffractometry and tomography called DITO...

Authors: Andrew King, Greg Johnson, Wolfgang Ludwig

Abstract: In this paper the authors describe a technique based on synchrotron x-ray diffraction which has been used to produce full 3D grain maps...

Authors: Oliver Kirstein, Alain Brule, Hien Nguyen, Vladimir Luzin
Authors: Alexander M. Korsunsky

Abstract: The sin2ψ technique for near-surface and bulk stress evaluation is frequently considered to be the method of reference, largely due to the...

Authors: Balder Ortner, Thomas Antretter, Michael Hofmann, Ewald Werner

Abstract: A method is presented by which all components of Fij(ϕ, ψ, hkl) belonging to the same measurement direction and reflection can be...

Authors: Krystian Piękoś, Jacek Tarasiuk, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Brigitte Bacroix

Abstract: The stored energy distribution versus crystal orientation in polycrystalline copper was determined using synchrotron radiation. This...

Authors: André Rothkirch, Sabine Lenser

Abstract: Strain induced by friction welding of dissimilar materials was determined by an imaging diffraction technique using the Material X-ray...


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