Stress Evaluation Using Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation

Volumes 571-572

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yoshihisa Sakaida, Shotaro Mori

Abstract: In order to understand an effect of crack-face bridging stress field of alumina ceramics on its fracture toughness, local residual stress...

Authors: Toshihiko Sasaki, Yohei Miyazawa, Shunichi Takahashi, Ryohei Matsuyama, Katsunari Sasaki, Koichi Hiratsuka

Abstract: The X-ray stress measurement with synchrotron radiation (SR) and an image plate (IP) was conducted using the facility of the Photon Factory...

Authors: Toshihiko Sasaki, Shunichi Takahashi, Yuichi Kobayashi, Yukio Morii, Naoto Metoki

Abstract: The influence of the peak determination method on the area detector type neutron stress measurement method was investigated. Two peak...

Authors: Norbert Schell, René V. Martins, Felix Beckmann, Hans Ulrich Ruhnau, Rüdiger Kiehn, Andreas Schreyer

Abstract: The future High Energy Materials Science Beamline HEMS at the new German high brilliance synchrotron radiation storage ring PETRA III [1]...

Authors: Junichi Shibano, Takahisa Shobu, Kenji Suzuki, Koji Kiriyama, Kentaro Kajiwara, Hiroshi Kaneko, Michiaki Kobayashi

Abstract: This paper presents a basic research on a measurement of strain in the bulk of materials by using high energy white X-ray from a...

Authors: Xu Song, Shu Yan Zhang, Daniele Dini, Alexander M. Korsunsky

Abstract: Most models based on continuum mechanics do not account for inhomogeneities at the micro-scale. This can be achieved by considering a...

Authors: Xu Song, Solène Chardonnet, Giancarlo Savini, Shu Yan Zhang, Willem J.J. Vorster, Alexander M. Korsunsky

Abstract: The aim of the study presented here was to evaluate the residual stresses present in a bar of aluminium alloy 2124-T1 matrix composite...

Authors: Robert C. Wimpory, Carsten Ohms, Michael Hofmann, Rainer Schneider, A.G. Youtsos

Abstract: In recent years the use of a special Bayesian approach on averaging ‘round-robin’ residual stress data has been implemented. This averaging...

Authors: Sebastian Wroński, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Andrzej Baczmanski, Chedly Braham, Alain Lodini

Abstract: Grazing incidence technique can be used to study samples with important stress gradients. The stress can be measured at very small depths,...

Authors: Shu Yan Zhang, Jordan Schlipf, Alexander M. Korsunsky

Abstract: A traditional approach to increasing fatigue resistance of many assemblies involves the creation of regions of compressive residual stress....


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