Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation IV

Volumes 584-586

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Julia Müller, Miloš Janeček, Lothar Wagner

Abstract: It is well-known that the high-cycle fatigue (HCF) performance of severe plastically deformed wrought magnesium alloys is not as good as...

Authors: Thomas Niendorf, Thorsten Marten, Hans J. Maier, Ibrahim Karaman

Abstract: The present paper reports on the effect of texture on the cyclic stress-strain response (CSSR) and the fatigue life of ultrafine-grained...

Authors: Sergey A. Nikulin, V.G. Khanzhin, Sergey V. Dobatkin, Valerij V. Zakharov, V.I. Kopylov, T.D. Rostova, S.A. Rogachev

Abstract: The deformation and fracture of submicrocrystalline aluminum Al-6%Mg and Al- 6.1%Mg-0.3%Sc-0.1%Zr alloys after severe plastic deformation...

Authors: Atul H. Chokshi

Abstract: Microstructural stability is an important consideration during high temperature deformation and processing of nanomaterials. We will...

Authors: Hiroyuki Miyamoto, Alexei Vinogradov, Satoshi Hashimoto

Abstract: In this study, susceptibility to SCC of nanostructured Cu-10wt%Zn alloys, produced by equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) was...

Authors: Henry J. Rack, Javaid Qazi, L. Allard, Ruslan Valiev

Abstract: The thermal stability of equal channel angular extruded VT-6(Ti-6Al-4V) has been examined using micro-hardness, nano-hardness of the...

Authors: Petr Homola, Margarita Slámová, Vladivoj Očenášek, J. Uhlíř, Miroslav Cieslar

Abstract: Ultra-fine grained (UFG) materials can be produced by several techniques involving severe plastic deformation (SPD). Accumulative Roll...

Authors: Petr Homola, Margarita Slámová, P. Sláma, Miroslav Cieslar

Abstract: Accumulative Roll Bonding (ARB) is a severe plastic deformation process that allows producing ultrafine-grained materials (UFG). UFG sheets...

Authors: R. Jayaganthan, Sushanta Kumar Panigrahi

Abstract: The effect of rolling strain on precipitation kinetics of Al 7075 alloy processed at liquid nitrogen temperature has been investigated in...

Authors: Konstantin Ivanov

Abstract: Characteristic features and thermal stability of the structure of molybdenum processed by high pressure torsion, equal-channel angular...


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