Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation IV

Volumes 584-586

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Stephan Scheriau, K. Rumpf, Siegfried Kleber, Reinhard Pippan

Abstract: Industrial available FeSi, FeCo and FeNi alloys with an initial grain size of 20-50 m were subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD)...

Authors: Jing Tao Wang, Yue Zhang, Jin Qiang Liu

Abstract: Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) was conducted at room temperature to a high strain level of ~24 in high purity copper. Tensile...

Authors: Martin Hafok, Reinhard Pippan

Abstract: Severe plastic deformation, SPD, enables the grain refinement of bulk materials. However, at strains larger than a critical value, no...

Authors: Xenia Molodova, Günter Gottstein

Abstract: In the present study the microstructure evolution of the aluminum alloy 3103 subjected to ECAP up to eight passes applying route Bc was...

Authors: Irina S. Tereshina, Gennady S. Burkhanov, Sergey V. Dobatkin, O.D. Chistyakov, Evgeniya A. Tereshina, Henry Drulis

Abstract: High-purity compounds R2Fe14B (R = Y, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho and Er) were prepared by arc melting using rare-earth metals purified by vacuum...

Authors: Victor V. Tcherdyntsev, S.M. Abdulhalikov, S.D. Kaloshkin, Leonid Y. Pustov, E.I. Estrin, A.V. Zagainov

Abstract: Fe86Ni14 powder was prepared by mechanical alloying of elemental powders in a highenergy planetary ball mill. X-ray diffraction was used to...

Authors: Tamara Kravchenko, Alexander Korshunov, Natalia Zhdanova, Lev Polyakov, Irina Kaganova

Abstract: Annealed oxygen-free and tough-pitch copper samples have been processed by equalchannel angular pressing (ECAP) by route BC. The samples...

Authors: Agnieszka T. Krawczynska, Małgorzata Lewandowska, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: Recrystallization and grain growth were studied in an austenitic stainless steel 316LVM processed by hydrostatic extrusion (HE) to a total...

Authors: Hisashi Sato, Shimaa El Hadad, Oleg Sitdikov, Yoshimi Watanabe

Abstract: Al-Ti alloys, which have Al3Ti platelet particles in Al matrix, were deformed by ECAP with routes A and Bc. With increasing the number of...

Authors: Fadhela Otmane, S. Bergheul, Z. Hamlati, M. Azzaz

Abstract: Fe60Co40 and Fe72Al28 nano-alloys were synthesized from elemental powders via highenergy mechanical alloying. The prepared samples were...


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