Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation IV

Volumes 584-586

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alexei Vinogradov, Shintaro Yasuoka, Satoshi Hashimoto

Abstract: The role of the deformation pre-history in high-cycle fatigue properties of copper produced by severe plastic deformation is discussed. The...

Authors: Rinat K. Islamgaliev, Olya B. Kulyasova, Bernhard Mingler, Michael Zehetbauer, Alexander Minkow

Abstract: This paper reports on the microstructures and fatigue properties of ultrafine-grained (UFG) AM60 magnesium alloy processed by equal channel...

Authors: Masahiro Goto, N. Teshima, Seung Zeon Han, T. Yakushiji, Sang Shik Kim

Abstract: In order to study the effect of trace impurities on high-cycle fatigue damage of ultrafine grained (UFG) copper, fatigue tests were carried...

Authors: Lothar W. Meyer, Kristin Sommer, T. Halle, Matthias Hockauf

Abstract: Crack growth in AA6060 after two and eight equal-channel angular extrusions (ECAE), showing a bimodal microstructure and a homogenous...

Authors: Elena Avtokratova, Oleg Sitdikov, Rustam Kaibyshev, Yoshimi Watanabe

Abstract: Fatigue-crack-growth in an ultrafine-grained (UFG) Al-6%Mg-0.3%Sc alloy is investigated in conjunction with a precise analysis of the...

Authors: Lilia R. Saitova, Heinz Werner Höppel, Matthias Göken, A.R. Kilmametov, Irina P. Semenova, Ruslan Valiev

Abstract: Ti-6Al-4V ELI (extra low interstitials) was processed by equal channel angular pressing in order to obtain an ultrafine-grained (UFG)...

Authors: Irena Topic, Heinz Werner Höppel, Matthias Göken

Abstract: Commercial purity aluminium AA1050 and aluminium alloy AA6016 were accumulative roll bonded and subsequently friction stir welded. The...

Authors: Heinz Werner Höppel, Johannes May, Matthias Göken

Abstract: The fatigue behaviour of aluminium-magnesium alloys has been investigated in the recrystallized CG state and in an ultrafine-grained (UFG)...

Authors: Petr Král, Jiří Dvořák, Vàclav Sklenička

Abstract: Experiments were conducted on an Al-0.2wt.%Sc alloy to evaluate the effect of equalchannel angular pressing (ECAP) on its creep behaviour....

Authors: Juri Burow, Egor Prokofiev, Christoph Somsen, Jan Frenzel, Ruslan Valiev, Gunther F. Eggeler

Abstract: Martensitic transformations in NiTi shape memory alloys (SMAs) strongly depend on the microstructure. In the present work, we investigate...


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