Advanced Powder Technology VI

Volumes 591-593

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Emilene Laurentino Santos, R. Muccillo, E.N.S. Muccillo

Abstract: The influence of Mn addition (from 1 up to 10 mol%) on densification and electrical conductivity of CeO2 was studied in detail. Bulk...

Authors: J.M.A. Gimenez, Carlos Roberto Grandini, A.R. Jurelo

Abstract: A new class of hybrid ruteno-cuprates – such as Ru-1212 and Ru-1222 – was discovered in 1995 by Bauerfeind and collaborators. These...

Authors: R.E.P. Salem, Adilson Luiz Chinelatto, Adriana Scoton Antonio Chinelatto

Abstract: The chemical methods allow obtaining powders with high reactivity and chemical homogeneity. This work studied the sintering of...

Authors: Guerold Sergueevitch Bobrovinitchii, Ana Lúcia Diegues Skury, Alexsander Osipov, Rômulo Crespo Tardim

Abstract: Polycrystalline SiC-diamond composites have been fabricated by high pressure and high temperature, HPHT, sintering using a Si infiltration...

Authors: Yogendra Prasad Yadava, Ricardo Arthur Sanguinetti Ferreira

Abstract: Ceramic components are frequently used as substrates for the production of temperature sensing devices in petroleum industries, in view of...

Authors: Claudinei dos Santos, Kurt Strecker, M.J.R. Barboza, Francisco Piorino Neto, Olivério Moreira Macedo Silva, Cosme Roberto Moreira Silva

Abstract: Commercial α−Si3N4, Al2O3 and a mixed yttrium and rare earth oxides, RE2O3, were used as starting-powders. Powder batches were milled using...

Authors: Michelangelo Durazzo, Humberto Gracher Riella

Abstract: The direct incorporation of Gd2O3 powder into UO2 powder by dry mechanical blending is the most attractive process for producing UO2-Gd2O3...

Authors: Sivaldo Leite Correia, G. Dienstmann, Marilena Valadares Folgueras, Dachamir Hotza

Abstract: In the present study, the waste scrap agate, obtained as a by-product of rock agate beneficiation as decorating ends and media for wet...

Authors: Jerusa Góes Aragão Santana, José Luiz Minatti, Élson de Campos, Francisco Cristóvão Lourenço de Melo, Tetunori Kajita

Abstract: The presence of pores in ceramics is directly related to the chosen forming process. So, in the starch consolidation method, the ceramics...

Authors: Cátia Fredericci, H.N. Yoshimura, André Luiz Molisani, C.E. Bellinati, R.Q.E. Alcântara, Paulo Francisco Cesar

Abstract: The aim of this work was to study the effect of temperature and heating rate on the densification of two leucite-based dental porcelains:...


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