Advanced Powder Technology VI

Volumes 591-593

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.B.C. Arnt, Marcos Marques da Silva Paula, Márcio Roberto da Rocha, Elidio Angioletto, L.C. Zanini, R. Miranda, C.C. Zanelatto, L. Felippe

Abstract: The machinery used in coal thermoelectrical plants usually is submitted to erosive wear. The erosive wear occurs mainly in the metallic...

Authors: E.P. Banczek, S.L. de Assis, Marize Varella de Oliveira, Waléria Silva de Medeiros, Luiz Carlos Pereira, Isolda Costa

Abstract: In this work, porous titanium samples processed by powder metallurgy and coated with biomimetic coatings, obtained during different periods...

Authors: G. de Vasconcelos, J.L. dos Reis, M.V. Campanha, A.F. da Silva

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is the evaluation of the use of a low power CO2 laser beam (50W) to promote the thermal treatment of AISI M2...

Authors: E.P.R. Lima, Maurício D. M. das Neves, Rejane A. Nogueira, L.G.C. de Oliveira, Francisco Ambrozio Filho

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of the stages and tempering temperatures in the microstructure, tenacity and hardness...

Authors: R. Bahr, R. Hesse, J.C. Boareto, Paulo A.P. Wendhausen

Abstract: The sintering of Sm2Fe17 compound prior to the nitrogenation process is studied as an alternative process to produce dense Sm2Fe17N3 hard...

Authors: José Adilson de Castro, Marcos Flavio de Campos

Abstract: SmCo5 sintered magnets are produced according the following main processing: milling until single crystal particle size, compaction and...

Authors: Doublas José da Silva, Aline Silva, Ricardo Machado, Paulo A.P. Wendhausen

Abstract: The known process as Metal Injection Molding is derived from the conventional powder metallurgy (M/P) being an alternative for production...

Authors: Leonardo Ulian Lopes, Juliana A. Shoda, Aline Silva, Ricardo Machado, Daniel Rodrigues, Paulo A.P. Wendhausen

Abstract: Ni-Fe based soft-magnetic alloys, processed via Metal Injection Molding (MIM), were investigated regarding the influence of processing...

Authors: J.D. Angelo, C.C. Motta, Luzinete Pereira Barbosa, Hidetoshi Takiishi, Isolda Costa, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr.

Abstract: The hydrogenation decrepitation process was employed to produce sintered magnets using a mixture of two alloys. The effect of niobium and...

Authors: Luzinete Pereira Barbosa, Hidetoshi Takiishi, Rubens Nunes de Faria Jr., Daniel Rodrigues, S.R. Janasi, A. Stranguetti

Abstract: This study reports the results of investigations carried out to determine the Curie temperature (Tc) of various homogenized...


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