Advanced Materials Forum V

Volumes 636-637

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Louro, Carlos Leitão, T. Puehringer, Helena Gouveia, Altino Loureiro, Dulce Maria Rodrigues

Abstract: Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is a relatively young technology in the field of welding. Its process parameters and their influence on weld...

Authors: T. Wegrzyn, J. Miroslawski, Abílio P. Silva, D.G. Pinto, M. Miros

Abstract: The goal of this research is to choose the proper method of car body welding. Properties of weld metal deposits depend on many conditions. ...

Authors: R.M. Miranda, L. Quintino, S. Williams, D. Yapp

Abstract: The increasing length of oil and gas transportation pipelines, associated with their construction and operating costs, has lead to the...

Authors: P. Valério, Rui Jorge C. Silva, M.F. Araújo, A.M.M. Soares, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes

Abstract: This study concerns the elemental and microstructural characterization of proto-historic bronze rings from the southwestern Iberian...

Authors: Rene Radis, Ernst Kozeschnik

Abstract: In this work, the thermodynamic information on aluminium nitride formation and experimental precipitation kinetics data are reviewed. A...

Authors: Rafael Agnelli Mesquita, Celso Antonio Barbosa, E. Valencia Morales, H.J. Kestenbach

Abstract: A reduction from 1.0 to 0.3%Si has recently been shown to improve mechanical properties of H11-type hot work tool steels. The present paper...

Authors: Andersan S. Paula, Karimbi Koosappa Mahesh, Norbert Schell, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes

Abstract: In shape memory alloys (SMA), the texture can be an interesting factor influencing the anisotropic physical and mechanical characteristics...

Authors: Julien Thébault, Denis Solas, Olivier Fandeur, Thierry Baudin, Colette Rey

Abstract: In order to obtain a better understanding of mechanisms governing the microstructural evolution of nickel base superalloys during forging,...

Authors: Edeltraud Materna-Morris, R. Lindau, A. Moslang

Abstract: 9 – 12%Cr-MoVNb steels are successful materials for the use at higher temperatures. The universal application in turbines and power plants...

Authors: Rui M. Leal, Carlos Leitão, Altino Loureiro, Dulce Maria Rodrigues, Pedro Vilaça

Abstract: The aim of present research was to study the effect of the position of the tool relative to the support backing plate of the FSW machine on...


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