Advanced Materials Forum V

Volumes 636-637

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hayrettin Ahlatci, A. Durmaz, A. Balta, M. Acarer, E. Candan

Abstract: In this study, corrosion behaviour of Al–12Si-20Mg-XTi alloys (Ti content varied between 0 and 4 wt.%) was investigated. Characterizations...

Authors: Aliou Niang, Julitte Huez, Jacques Lacaze, Bernard Viguier

Abstract: In the present study we examine the crystallographic structure of the , ’’ and  phases present in nickel base 718 alloy. The chemical...

Authors: Jacques Lacaze, S. Armendariz, Peio Larrañaga, Iker Asenjo, Jon Sertucha, Ramón Suárez

Abstract: The influence of post-inoculation and of cerium and antimony additions on the solidification process and on the formation of chunky graphite...

Authors: M.J. Furtado, Rui Jorge C. Silva, M.F. Araújo, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes

Abstract: Twenty brass Chinese cash coins with complex compositions were studied for a better understanding of the metallurgical cash production in...

Authors: Denis Solas, Sorphal Chhann, Thierry Baudin, Richard Penelle

Abstract: Asymmetrical rolling, in which the circumferential velocities of the working rolls are different, is a method to impose shear deformation in...

Authors: Filipe Neves, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes, Jose Brito Correia

Abstract: In the present study, equiatomic powder blends of Ni and Ti were mechanically activated for a short period of time in a planetary ball mill...

Authors: Tamara Radu, Simona Constantinescu, M. Vlad

Abstract: This paper presents a research concerning the equilibrium of ferrite and secondary cementite and Widmanstätten structure formation,...

Authors: A. Ciocan, F. Potecasu, E. Drugescu, Simona Constantinescu

Abstract: The paper presents the results of theoretical and experimental research regarding the establishing of some chemical positions of the bearing...

Authors: Pedro R. Goulart, J.E. Spinelli, F. Bertelli, Wislei R.R. Osório, Noé Cheung, Amauri Garcia

Abstract: Upward directional transient solidification experiments have been carried out with an Al-1.0wt%Fe alloy. Tensile tests were carried out with...

Authors: Mafalda Guedes, José Maria F. Ferreira, Alberto C. Ferro

Abstract: This paper reports preliminary studies regarding a new fabrication process for aluminium alloy matrix particulate reinforced composites,...


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