Advanced Materials Forum V

Volumes 636-637

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dariusz Oleszak, Tadeusz Kulik

Abstract: The influence of Sn addition on the amorphization of CuTiZrNi alloys processed by mechanical alloying of a mixture of pure elemental powder...

Authors: Fernando A. Costa Oliveira, Hiroaki Nitani, T. Nakagawa, T.A. Yamamoto, Nobumitsu Shohoji

Abstract: The use of ultra-bright, highly directional, high and variable energy associated to synchrotron radiation beams at SPring-8 when compared...

Authors: Filipe Neves, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes, Isabel M. Martins, Jose Brito Correia, Manuela Oliveira, Eric Gaffet, Nancy Boucharat, M. Lattemann, Jens Suffner, Horst Hahn

Abstract: Two promising powder metallurgy (PM) processes were used for the fabrication of NiTi shape memory alloys (SMA): Mechanically Activated...

Authors: Vanessa Livramento, Jose Brito Correia, Filipe Neves, Nobumitsu Shohoji, Carmen M. Rangel

Abstract: Depending on the energy level used during mechanical alloying, the constitution of the resulting products can vary extensively. With high...

Authors: Benilde F.O. Costa, Gerard Le Caër

Abstract: A coarse-grained tetragonal sigma phase Fe47.4V52.6 at% alloy was ground in vacuum in a vibratory mill. The sigma phase transforms into a...

Authors: Teresa Marcelo, João M.G. Mascarenhas, Fernando A. Costa Oliveira

Abstract: The present paper focus on preliminary work carried out at INETI concerning the use of microwave radiation applied to sintering of both...

Authors: H.M. Ahmed, M. Miś, A.H.A. El-Geassy, Seshadri Seetharaman

Abstract: Ternary Ni-W-C cemented carbides were synthesized directly from mixture powder of NiO-WO3 by simultaneous reduction-carburization in mixed...

Authors: M. Ali, E. Hamzah, I.A. Qazi, M.R.M. Toff

Abstract: In the present study, titanium nitride coatings on tool steel were deposited using cathodic arc physical vapour deposition technique. We...

Authors: Henryk Morawiec, Tomasz Goryczka, Józef Lelątko, Zdzisław Lekston, Antoni Winiarski, Edward Rówiński, F. Stergioudis

Abstract: Sterilization of the NiTi alloy in boiling water or steam causes passivation, which results in an amorphous 3.5 nm thick TiO2 layer on the...

Authors: J. Velho, N.F. Santos

Abstract: This document analyses the importance of topography characterization of coated papers, using precipitated calcium carbonates as pigments, on...


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