Advanced Materials Forum V

Volumes 636-637

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Daniel P.L. Silva, Rui F. Martins, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes

Abstract: Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) belong to a special group of metallic materials, which are capable of returning to a pre-determined shape or size...

Authors: Noé Cheung, M.A. Larosa, Wislei R.R. Osório, M.S.F Lima, Maria Clara F. Lerardi, Amauri Garcia

Abstract: The aim of this work is to develop a heat transfer mathematical model based on the finite difference method in order to simulate temperature...

Authors: Gaëtan Gilles, Anne Marie Habraken, Laurent Duchêne

Abstract: Phenomenological yield criteria are generally described by many material parameters. A technique to identify these parameters is required to...

Authors: Bin Li, Pedro M. Amaral, Luís G. Reis, Carlos A. Anjinho, Luís Guerra Rosa, M. Freitas

Abstract: The objective of this work is to develop analysis methods based on 3D-FEM simulations for optimum design of the diamond cutting tools under...

Authors: Julien Schwartz, Olivier Fandeur, Colette Rey

Abstract: Initiation of intragranular cracks during low cycle fatigue is governed by complex microstructural phenomena. Depending on the loading...

Authors: O. Rahmani, K. Malekzadeh, S. Mohammad, R. Khalili

Abstract: In this study, after a brief introduction to recent investigations on syntactic foam, the free vibration of sandwich structures with...

Authors: Rui Louro, Carlos Leitão, Helena Gouveia, Altino Loureiro, Dulce Maria Rodrigues

Abstract: The task of obtaining suitable welding parameters for the friction stir welding process is often a difficult one, due to the lack of...

Authors: A.M.G. Pinto, A.G. Magalhães, Raul D.S.G. Campilho, Marcelo F.S.F. de Moura, A.P.M. Baptista

Abstract: Polyolefins are especially difficult to bond due to their non-polar, non-porous and chemically inert surfaces. Acrylic adhesives used in...

Authors: E. Saavedra, Alberto Ramil, Ana J. López, J.C. Álvarez

Abstract: In contrast with conventional tools, laser processing allows hardening of a restricted zone while keeping the structural properties of the...

Authors: Sérgio M.O. Tavares, Valentin Richter-Trummer, Pedro Miguel Guimarães Pires Moreira, Paulo Manuel Salgado Tavares de Castro

Abstract: A model to determine Stress Intensity Factors (SIFs) and simulate the fatigue crack growth in stiffened structures taking into consideration...


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