Advanced Materials Forum V

Volumes 636-637

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rosa Malena Fernandes Lima, R.M.M. Morais, Alexandro Fortes S. Silva

Abstract: The quartzite dimension stones from the region of Ouro Preto, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil are exploited by LPA (local productive...

Authors: S. Goñi, A. Guerrero

Abstract: The physically-chemically bounded water is an important parameter directly related to the gain of mechanical strength during the hydration...

Authors: T. Freire, António Santos Silva, R. Veiga, J. de Brito

Abstract: The use of gypsum plaster for interior covering of walls and ceilings in the Portuguese architecture was particularly expressive in the...

Authors: L. Matos, António Santos Silva, D. Soares, Manuela M. Salta, José Mirão, António Estevao Candeias

Abstract: The degradation of concrete structures caused by delayed ettringite formation (DEF) is a problem that nowadays affects many concrete...

Authors: António Santos Silva, D. Soares, L. Matos, Manuela M. Salta, L. Divet, Alexandre Pavoine, António Estevao Candeias, José Mirão

Abstract: The degradation of concrete structures caused by delayed ettringite formation (DEF) is a problem that affects many concrete structures...

Authors: A. Fragata, R. Veiga

Abstract: Many historical buildings with renders based in air lime still exist in Portugal. These old mortars have proved to be durable and reliable...

Authors: M. Luiza Lopes O. Santos, Antonio Eduardo Martinelli, M.A.F. Melo, D.M.A. Melo

Abstract: One of the major current environmental concerns is the excessive or inefficient consumption of non-renewable natural resources. The...

Authors: Carlos Alves, Carlos Figueiredo, Paula Figueiredo, António Maurício, Luís Aires-Barros

Abstract: Several types of stones (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) are found applied in pavements, stairs and walls of the underground stations...

Authors: Carlos Alves

Abstract: Materials applied in buildings, sculptures and other civil engineering, architectural or artistic works can be affected by coatings of...

Authors: António Maurício, Carlos Figueiredo, Carlos Alves, M.F. Pereira, Luís Aires-Barros, J.A.N. Neto

Abstract: In this paper, an initial X-ray Computed Tomography study of sulphate salt degradation of two Portuguese Dimension Stones (“Semi-rijo” and...


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