Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pei Zhong Feng, Xiao Hong Wang, Wei Sheng Liu, Ji Nan Niu, Jie Wu, Shuai Zhang, Ying Huai Qiang

Abstract: The product formation of Mo-66.7at.%Si powders mixture during mechanical alloying using a high-energy vibratory type ball-milling machine...

Authors: Yu Xia Cao, Ling Zhong Du, Wei Gang Zhang

Abstract: CaB2O4 was added into hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) to improve the sintering behaviors of hBN. CaB2O4 and hBN were mixed and then pressed...

Authors: Gong Xun Wang, Kui Jun Xu, Ming Qiao Zhu, Bi Tian

Abstract: The major industrial by-product largely generated in southern China is ceramic polishing powder (PP) produced from ceramic industries. In...

Authors: Xin Xing, Lin Liu, Feng Cao, Xiao Dong Li, Zeng Yong Chu, Hai Feng Cheng

Abstract: A melt-spinnable precursor for SiC based fibers was prepared from blend polymers of polycarbosilane (PCS) and modified polymethylsilane...

Authors: Fen Wang, Xiao Feng Wang, Jian Feng Zhu, Liu Yi Xiang

Abstract: Effects of rare-earth oxides addition (0.38~1.52 mol% of Sm2O3, Eu2O3 and Er2O3) on the property and microstructure of the hot-pressed...

Authors: Yang Chen, Mao You Chu, Li Jun Wang

Abstract: The structural, elastic and thermodynamic properties of the ternary layered nitrides Ti4AlN3 under the pressure effect have been calculated...

Authors: Hong Lei Wang, Xin Gui Zhou, Ying Bin Cao, Jin Shan Yu, Rong Jun Liu

Abstract: Continuous silicon carbide fiber reinforced silicon carbide matrix (SiCf/SiC) composites were fabricated by a combining polymer impregnation...

Authors: Yong Jun Gu, Jin Liang Huang, Xiang Ju Han, Qian Li, Xiao Wang, Hui Xu

Abstract: The sintering behaviors and microwave dielectric properties of the (Ca0.3La0.4/3)(Li0.25Nd0.25)TiO3 (abbreviated CLLNT) ceramics doped by...

Authors: Zhi Jun Zhang, Fu Min Xu, Yi Tan, Xiao Lei Shi, Wei Dong

Abstract: AlN ceramics were prepared by hot-pressing process with Y(NO3)3·6H2O as a sintering additive. Microstructure and mechanical properties of...

Authors: Ai Ju Zhang, Zi Cheng Li, Zhi Hong Li, Yu Mei Zhu

Abstract: Preparation of high wear-resistant ceramic parts was studied in this paper. The mechanical property was measured by the three-point bending...


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