Advanced Material Science and Technology

Volumes 675-677

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Jun Wu, Wen Hui Ma, Bin Yang, Da Chun Liu, Yong Nian Dai

Abstract: The diffusion layer and melt of silicon-boron are respectively obtained after quenched in water at 1300 oC by using metallurgical grade...

Authors: Wen Hui Ma, Xiang Yang Mei, Kui Xian Wei, Shao Yu Tang

Abstract: The pot material of Sb-doped n-type mono-crystal silicon was purified by our selfassembled vacuum directional solidification furnace. In the...

Authors: Yang Zhou, Shi Xing Wang, Ke Qiang Xie, Yong Nian Dai, Wen Hui Ma

Abstract: Chemical modified silica fume by polyaniline was studied as a sorbent for removal of chromium (VI) determined by flame atomic absorption...

Authors: He Xiang Zhong, Hua Min Zhang, Mei Ri Wang

Abstract: The ruthenium-based electrocatalysts supported on carbon black were prepared by the decarbonylation of the transition metal carbonyl with...

Authors: Qi Zhi Xing, Wei Dong, Shu Ang Shi, Guo Bin Li, Yi Tan

Abstract: Multi-crystalline silicon ingots were prepared by directional solidification using vacuum induction melting furnace. The content of aluminum...

Authors: Rui Xun Zou, Da Chuan Jiang, Wei Dong, Zheng Gu, Yi Tan

Abstract: The electron beam injection (EBI) process involves offering electrons around silicon powder, whose surface was oxidized, and subsequently...

Authors: Shu Ang Shi, Wei Dong, Shi Hai Sun, Yi Tan, Guo Bin Li, Fu Min Xu

Abstract: The distribution of resistivity, impurity and polarity in multicrystalline silicon ingot prepared by directional solidification method was...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Jia Yan Li, Hao Yang Wang, Fu Min Xu, Yi Tan

Abstract: Effect of heat treatment in atmosphere on the resistivity of polycrystalline silicon has been investigated in this paper. After heat...

Authors: Shao Chun Li, Peng Zhang, Tie Jun Zhao, Zu Quan Jin, Song Gao

Abstract: In this paper, the gel-tape-casting process was applied to manufacture multilayer green sheets of SiCw /Al2O3 composite. The influence of...

Authors: Hiroshi Fukushima, Masanobu Azuma, Yukihiro Kanechika

Abstract: A high temperature HRTEM holder equipped with a W-coil heater was used to make insitu observation of high temperature behavior of Al2O3 very...


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