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Authors: Yi Wen Tang, Zhi Gang Chen, Li Sha Zhang, Xin Zhang, Zhi Yong Jia
Authors: Chun Hong Zhang, Z.Q. Zhang, H.L. Cao
Abstract:A novel epoxy/SiO2 hybrid sizing for carbon fiber surface was prepared through sol-gel technique, the structure of the sizing were analyzed,...
Authors: Ji Fan Hu, B. Li, Hong Wei Qin, D.L. Zhao, Y.M. Hao, M.H. Jiang
Abstract:Fe86.5Zr7B3Cu3.5 nanocrystalline ribbon can be directly fabricated by melt – spinning technique with an appropriate quenching speed without...
Authors: Yong Jin Kim, Chel Jong Choi, Soon Young Oh, Jang Gn Yun, Won Jae Lee, Hee Hwan Ji, Jin Suk Wang, Hi Deok Lee
Abstract:In this paper, the electrical properties of NiSi have been characterized using multi capping layer structure for nano CMOS application. We...
Authors: T.A. Han, J.P. Tu, Jian Bo Wu, Y.F. Yuan, Y. Li
Abstract:Al-substituted α-Ni(OH)2 was synthesized by a chemical co-precipitation. The as-prepared α-Ni(OH)2 particles were characterized by the means...
Authors: Nam Hee Lee, J.H. Kim, Hyo Jin Oh, Sun Jae Kim
Abstract:To obtain a mass production of nanocrystalline ZnO powders, equipment that combines the conventional self-sustaining combustion process...
Authors: Jun Zhang, Guang Hai Li
Abstract:Synthesis of TiO2 nanocrystals directly from the TiO2 micron powders by the hydrothermal method is reported for the first time. A new route...
Authors: Y. Qiao, Mao Cai Zhang, J. Zhu
Abstract:Nanocomposite Nd2Fe14B/Fe3B magnetic materials with high performance have been obtained by crystallizing over-quenched ribbons. The effect...
Authors: Yan Ling Tian, Da Wei Zhang, Bing Yan
Abstract:In order to compensate the force induced deformation of the precision grinding, a piezoelectrically driven micropositioning table is...
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