Nanoscience and Technology

Volumes 121-123

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.L. Liao, Shin Pon Ju, Jenn Sen Lin, Y.S. Lin

Abstract: Rheological properties of water films nanoconfined in two parallel Au plates are investigated with the aid of molecular dynamics...

Authors: Jürgen Carstensen, Helmut Föll, E. Foca, Cheng Fang

Abstract: In this work we present a theoretical model that explains the current and voltage oscillations at the Si electrode in HF media. A...

Authors: Feng Bin Liu, Jia Dao Wang, Da Rong Chen, Bing Liu

Abstract: By means of the density functional theory on the basis of generalized gradient approximation, the reaction paths of the dehydrogenation...

Authors: Miao Qing Wang, Zhi Ping Cai, Yong Zhen Huang, Qin Chen, Xian Shu Luo

Abstract: The mode frequency and the quality factor of nanowire cavities are calculated from the intensity spectrum obtained by the finite-difference...

Authors: Feng Min Wu, Yuh Zhang Fang

Abstract: Based on the exchange mechanism of metal islands growth on anisotropic metal surfaces, the growth processes of anisotropic Cu islands on...

Authors: Chao Hui Zhang, Jian Bin Luo

Abstract: Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) is a widely used technique to achieve high level of global and local planarity required in integrate...

Authors: Rang Su Liu, F.X. Liu, Qin Yuan Zhou, X. Wang, C.X. Zheng

Abstract: A molecular dynamic simulation study has been performed for a large-sized system consisting of 106 liquid metal Al atoms to deeply...

Authors: H.S. Chen, Da Rong Chen, Jiang Li

Abstract: Particle’s behavior in the slurry with power-law viscosity shows great effect on the wafer surface polishing. Hydrodynamic pressure is...

Authors: D.M. Wang, Z.J. Ding

Abstract: The behavior of island shape transition and nucleus density evolution in the early stage of epitaxial growth mediated by a monolayer of...

Authors: Xiao Dong He, Ying Chun Shan, Ming Wei Li

Abstract: 2D kinetic Monte Carlo simulation has been used to study the void distribution of nickel thin film prepared by physical vapor deposition,...


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